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And suddenly, Rob was all alone again. The girls formed a search party for the missing twin, 'Mr. Information' followed them, and the annoying guy left as well, after a couple more tranquilizer-induced bullshit (actually, at one point Rob noticed, that Milo's behavior is not that much different from his normal not-sedated self. It looked like this guy just ate, drink and breathe craptalk). The redhead just sat there in silence.

But that was a good thing, you know? That was exactly, how liked it to be. All of those 4 people presented no value to his survival odds whatsoever, and they were going to die sooner or later (Rob could bet all his first NBA payment, that the annoying guy was going to get shot very soon in that state). Also, they were just an annoyance. Now, Rob was sure he won't get woken up with a sound of a terrible hip-hop, or hit by a rock, just so he can turn his attention to someone.

All was just the way he wanted at that moment.


((Rob Jenkins continued in When My Fist Clenches, Crack It Open))

((Thread is over))
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