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Jimmy Brennan was not okay.

He was also a foul-mouthed little prick. Isaiah had been prepared for this possibility. It did not make his situation any more pleasant. The rant, the swearing, it got on his nerves more quickly than he could have imagined. Good thing he had some self restraint, or he'd have just stalked off again, leaving the boy to moan and froth his hate at the stumps and the night.

But that was not the right thing to do. All humans were deserving of compassion, and it was important to remember that events had shaped Jimmy Brennan into the pathetic mess he was now. Specifically, a kick to the crotch had shaped him this way. Isaiah chose to temporarily deceive himself into believing that that was the only reason Brennan was such a nightmare, that he'd cool down or something any time and would be a perfectly respectable (albeit highly temporary) companion.

But then another guy had showed up. He started talking, deciding to goad Brennan, to taunt him. The funny thing was, this ticked Isaiah off even more than the sniveling little wretch at his feet. Sure, you could think awful things about other people. It was only human. You didn't go and say them, though. You didn't just run your mouth off and spew venom and hatred at the people you should have been struggling to keep safe, struggling to unite with in the face of this most terrible of tragedies.

Isaiah opened his mouth and became an instant hypocrite.

"Yeah, 'cause it's real badass to stand there and taunt a guy who just took a shot to the nuts. Like, you think you'd be doing better in his shoes? 'For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.' -Matthew 7:2."

That... was undeniably not the best diplomatic decision in this very tense situation. Perhaps a moment of reflection was in order. Isaiah fell silent, waiting for the reprisal he assumed was imminent, trying to steel himself to do the right thing this time and not snap back. He would take the high road. Besides, it wasn't like he was going to win this debate.

After all, leading into an argument with a quote that could instantly be turned back on yourself wasn't a very sound strategy on the best of days.
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