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it was a graveyard smash
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Fiona didn't dare resist Nik's order of getting behind him. She stared at Owen for a moment like a deer in the headlights and then quickly darted behind Nik, her axe held tightly against her body. Did that little twit seriously believe he could take on the two of them with a wooden sword? Ha! That was just plain dumb. He was clearly asking for it, and Fiona wouldn't have been too surprised if Nik gladly gave Owen what he deserved.

Her face fell slightly. That wasn't fair at all. Owen was just very upset. Fer Christ's sake, his best friend had just been shot and killed right in front of him. That had to hurt.. So Fiona did feel sorry for the boy, but it didn't change a hell of a whole lot. This boy, Owen, was clearly in attack mode. He wasn't pitiful, sobbing Owen. He wasn't mournful and depressed Owen. He was let's-attack-two-armed-people-with-a-piece-of-wood-shaped-like-a-sword Owen. And that just wasn't groovy.

Yet, she didn't want to interfere. She'd already interfered enough with her little death threat. She was supposed to be in hiding, and yet, here she was. She didn't want to mess anything else up. Nik had told her to stay behind him. She would stay back. It was only a matter until Nik was able to wrestle Owen away from him. All would be well. Owen clearly couldn't counter Nik's obvious strength.

Toss. Fiona saw something soaring in her direction and held out her hands to catch it. It was fairly heavy and metallic, and upon closer examination, she realized it was Nik's gun. She looked around in confusion and decided to tuck it into her belt for safe keeping. She'd give it to him later. Having Nik's gun gave her a slightly warm feeling. Not because she could defend herself, but because Nik was surrendering any means of attack that he previously possessed. In other words, there would be no more killing. No more shooting. It was like Nik was taking a silent oath to not kill Owen -- just get the boy off and run away, no blood spilled.

That wooden sword hit Nik in the shoulder. The two struggled over the weapon with a great degree of ferocity. "Please stop!" Fiona shouted, wondering when the brawl would come to an end. "C'mon, knock it out already.." she said, but her words were lost in the ongoing fight between the Killer and the Defender. It sounded horrible to Fiona, but she realized it was true. Owen was only acting out in retaliation over the death of his best friend. Nik had killed him. Fiona didn't know what had happened, to be honest. Who was really at fault? Had Owen played any part in the death of Craig? She had no idea. Should she just run away now and steer clear from Nik? She was seriously considering it. Maybe Nik would shoot her next.

But, then again, he gave her his gun. If someone gave you their gun, then it obviously meant they had a good deal of trust in you. That strengthened Fiona's resolve: Nik trusted her. She would trust him and stay by his side.

Oh, Christ. It wasn't looking good. Nik was on the ground with Owen on top of him, his wooden sword mere inches from his neck. Fiona was quite sure that a wooden sword wouldn't quite cut a head off or anything, but it could surely crush wind-pipes or fatally damage in other ways. Fiona waited a few seconds, thinking that Nik would just effortlessly push Owen off and the fighting would continue. She didn't think this fight would come to a point that seemed so dire on Nik's end. "Please stop!" Fiona screamed a third and final time, but Owen didn't hear it -- maybe he wasn't listening.

She hated this. She hated that Nik's life may very well lie in Fiona's hands. And, as it presently stood, maybe Owen's as well. She didn't want this. She wanted to be the hero, of course (as anyone did), but.. Would she have to be the villain as well? Could you even be both? She groaned quietly to herself and slowly slid Nik's gun from her pants. She couldn't use this. She just couldn't, but.. Nik didn't have much time left. She could feel the small grains of sand drain slowly out of the giant hour glass that filled her mind. Either use the gun or don't, but I have to act fucking fast. Nik doesn't have long. And if Owen manages to kill Nik, he'll go for me next. And then I'll STILL have to kill Owen, and Nik will be dead. Because of me. So either save Nik and kill Owen, or let Nik die and kill Owen later. One death or two. Choose.

Fiona took a deep breath and aimed the gun at Owen. There were tears appearing in her eyes as she did so, her heart hammering wildly at her chest. One.. Two.. Three..

Can't do it. Can't fucking do it.

A shot to the head is so final. So fucking fatal. She could always shoot him in the leg or something, but that might not deter him. He might still have enough fight left in him to kill. But with a bullet-ridden leg? Maybe not. Shut up, Fiona! You have to work fast!

She let the gun fall to the ground and picked up the axe she had laid aside just moments prior. She didn't want to shoot someone. Did that mean she wanted to axe someone? Well, Heaven's no! But maybe.. maybe.. God damn it. Axing someone and shooting someone were equally as bad.

Fuck.. Cheerleaders should not have to deal with this.

Cartwheels or somersaults? Flips or splits? Ra Ra Go Team or D-E-F-E-N-S-E? Fucking gun or fucking axe?

Fiona walked up behind Owen and managed a really small smile. "I'm sorry, Owen, but.. this isn't going to be very cheerleader-like." She raised the axe up high and slam.

Swung it towards his head with as much strength as she possessed.

Fiona just wanted to save Nik. She didn't want to hurt anyone. She didn't want to kill Owen.

But.. it was admittedly exhilarating.
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