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Tabi retracted her hand when Ivan refused. She frowned, it was true that each of them had their own bread and he could easily eat from his own, but that wasn't the point. Nodding, she continued to nibble on the dry loaf.


The light from the sun was starting to irritate Tabi as she munched away. It wasn't unwanted; however as Tabi could feel it's warmth beating down on her still shivering body. Her nose had been iritated by all the sneezing and was now stuffed full of mucus. The cold was starting to root its way into her body.

Another fit of sneezing took hold and once again her nose was temporarily clear. With her free hand she wiped the excess away (although she did not enjoy such a task) and rubbed it into the grass of the cliffs. With a sigh, Tabi gazed back to stare at the sea, captivated by the waves swaying back and forth.

Despite the fact that she was almost certain that she was sick. Despite the fact that she and Ivan were sharing their meal in the presance of...someone not among the living (which she still wasn't looking at). Despite everything that had happened so far. This moment was nice. It was peaceful, it was quiet and for some reason it had made her feel at ease.

The wind was gently picking up, running through her tangled mess of hair and ventilating the inside of her shot up blouse. She placed an absent minded finger in through the lower most hole and let it linger there. She wasn't sure what she and Ivan were going to do now, but she figured they would come to a decision soon, so she didn't stress the details.

Suddenly, there was a voice that broke the peace. Tabi blinked, turning her head to see a giant of a man standing just a fair distance away. The tanned skin combined with his massive frame could only mean that it was Imraan Al-Harriq. Although Tabi remembered him as a fairly nice person, she never had hung around to much with the man. This, combined with the fact that he was holding a rather large shotgun as well made Tabi begin to quiver.

She was about to timidly extend a welcome to him when she caught another man out of the corner of her eyes. She turned her head to look and she saw yet another giant. A man with black hair standing there, just staring at them. Her mind was racing to try to put a name to the face. Was he harmful? Was he just passing through?

"The hell do you want...?"

Tabi's focus shifted back to Ivan, who was now standing ahead of her, looking as if he might attempt to defend himself against the two people that had now joined them.

She could feel the rush of breath surging into her lungs once more. The hand holding the bread tightened its grip, causing the dry shell to crinkle. She placed her free hand on the grass and pushed herself up off the ground, but she did not move from her spot.

Tabi kept quiet, trying to quell the shaking of her legs as she stood behind Ivan. She wanted to say something, but her body resisted her attempts to speak. Imraan hadn't done anything yet. There was a hope that it would all be okay.

She didn't want to think about the alternative.
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