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your mom wanted to make sure that her clothes didn’t steal the spotlight from her new haircut so she went with this feather fringed semi-transparent catsuit w/modesty pleather panels in a simple, understated black.
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Everything was so stupid. Fuck this game, fuck her classmates, and the next person she saw? She was going to fuck them up, until they were unrecognizible. With her bare hands if she had to.

But she really didn't have to, did she? Nope, all she had to do is go back to the station, go get her shit, and leave. So what was stopping her?

He was. Her weakness was. He was her weakness?

Get it it TOGETHER, bitch, you have a game to win.

She sucked it up, made her way back to the cabin. The bike was still in there, she could just grab it and go. No supplies that way, but her arms wouldn't take too well to carrying both a bike and her bag. Surely, someone would give a hot crippled chick some water.

Instead of thinking about the ugly truth about her alliance even more, she focused on Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong. Her only true friends, she supposed. She had just gotten to where the bike had been, to the second minute in Moon Dreams, when . . .

She heard a window crash.

She heard an . . . explosion.

Oh god, oh please tell me, nonononoNO.

She jumped at the sound, for a second she was flying through the air again. But she wasn't, not really. She closed her eyes tightly for a second, she KNEW whatever she heard wasn't good. She really didn't want to know what it was, but . . . she had to know. The bastard could be after her too.

Feo looked. And then, finally, after being dropped on her head and landing on death island and being blown up and mindscrewed and all the fucked up shit she'd gone through, she screamed.

Because Ethan was there, and his jaw was there too, but they . . . weren't together.

She ran over to the spot he fell at, a couple of feet away from the cabin. It didn't make any sense, why was he dead, she wanted to punch him but she didn't want him dead, not really, he'd fucking LEFT HER HERE.

Five or ten minutes, she just cried and cursed. In English, so he could understand. Then she saw the cameras. And she remembered Ethan was the smartest guy she'd ever had the pleasure of pleasuring.

Wait. Hold the fucking phone. He knew that taking the carmeras out wouldn't do any good. And he wasn't is NOT a pussy by any means, so he wouldn't have offed himself unless he . . .

Fuck babe, how smart are you?

"Ethan, remind me to slap the taste out of your mouth when I see you again. Fucking asshole."

Feo went back into the cabin, still sobbing. She found her answers, she found his notes, she knew what she was going to spent the rest of her life doing (yes you are a huge nerd, dipshit).

The tears ran down her face, but she had focus now. She sat down, wrote two notes of her own. The first she stashed in her bra. The second she took outside with her. While moving Ethan's body and sitting it (him, always him) by the door of the cabin, she thought.

I knew one of us had to go, and really, I hoped he'd go first. So I could avenge his death. But none of this damn kids offed him. Danya HIMSELF had to do that honor, didn't he? So I don't really give a fuck if I survive this anymore. All I want is to let that bastard know, no, EVERYBODY know I'm much more than a pretty face. All I want is my revenge.

And I'll get that. Thanks for trusting me with this, I won't let you down. I'll die first.

After finishing all the heavy lifting, she put her second note in Ethan's hand's and got to work inside the cabin. No way anyone could miss it.

Here lies the body of Ethan Kent. He's a genuis, no bullshit. He deserved better.

I don't really give a fuck why you came here. But if you come in, don't touch shit and KEEP QUIET. DON'T SAY ONE WORD.

You'll always mean something to me, Mr. University.
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