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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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[[OOC: I’m still here, calm yo tits <3 Also- very good chance I'll edit this later. General content will be the same, though.]]

Frozen like a damn ice sculpture, that was Dustin Royal.

For a little while, anyway.

The sound faded away and disappeared completely after a while, but Dustin was still sitting there. Dead silence as the footsteps, the echoing footsteps, even they were gone. Obviously whoever had been here was leaving, and from the opposite side of the tunnel. So this tunnel had to lead somewhere, unless the others were just wandering blindly into oblivion. Which they very well could be.

Fuck. I should really just get out of here while I can. While I can still see daylight. But...there’s nothing here. Wonder what’s on the other side?

Besides, all that screaming could have been a damsel in distress. I’m not much of a hero, but hell, everyone knows what happens after the story ends.

He smirked for only his own benefit. Just that facial movement made him feel a bit more confident as he stood as quietly as he could manage. He strapped the guitar back across his back- quiet was the key here. Silence. If there was some dickhead in here stabbing people, at least he might catch them unawares.

Of course, he basically eliminated any chance of that by pulling out his flashlight.

But whatever. Anything was better than the all-consuming darkness.


It felt like hours. Maybe it was, even. But Dustin was sure something was wrong. He should have found something by now, even if it was just an abandoned water bottle or a burnt out fire or-

He shuddered at the thought.


But no, there had been absolutely nothing. What the hell? Unless I was hallucinating or some shit back there, something definitely happened here, and close by t-

OH. Shit. The tunnels.

The sound had echoed through the tunnels. That was the only explanation that made sense. The sound echoed and reached his ears far more clearly than it would’ve otherwise. The shit he’d heard could have been miles down the tunnel for all knew.

I could walk all day and still find nothing.

Shit. I don’t even know how far I’ve gone. Can’t go back now though. Fucking...fucking tunnels.

Dustin touched his guitar nervously as he continued to walk, too nervous to actually play but wanting more than anything to do so.




Dustin practically fell on his ass.

He had tuned out. Hours of walking in the dark will do that to you. That was his fucking problem, his fault, there was no way he could have missed the nearby presence of other people had he been paying attention. There had been footsteps, there had been speech, and he missed it all because he was deep in his happy place in the backseat of the motherfucking Supra and no one was going to wake him up except for this loud fucking girl.

“Fuck, what’s it- who’s there?” he muttered, then louder- “Who’s there?”

Nothing. He kept walking. He didn’t have to walk for long.

“Holy...holy fuck...”

Funny how even on Survival of the Fittest it’s hard to get used to bodies.

Not that Dustin had had time to get used to them. He’d only seen one, before, and his reaction was less than fucking dignified, but this was so much worse. In the blackest of black, the red stuck out like nothing else can in his flashlight’s glare. And the body...

Dustin would later mentally edit out his vomiting. It was really not attractive. Luckily he had the common sense to turn the flashlight off for that moment. No one would have seen it, and so it didn’t happen.

He didn’t want to turn the flashlight back on. He wanted to go running back to where he came from. Back into the fucking light. Back to where there wasn’t blood on the fucking cave walls.

But there were people here. Dustin managed to look away from the body long enough to point the flashlight towards the other people here. And it was some guy and two girls. He couldn’t concentrate. He just couldn’t. He couldn’t even tell who the girls were. Or if they were attractive. That was how you knew Dustin Royal was fucking terrified. He turned the flashlight back off and tried to say something.


Nothing else came out.

Fuck...this is pathetic.
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