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He was...leaving? Gloria lifted her head, swallowing her fresher sobs as Alex spoke. He wasn't going to do anything to them? Relief flooded Gloria's body, and she nearly collapsed. Leaning against her duffel, the hand holding the gun dropped onto it, and she just stared in shock at the man who had just a minute ago shouted, threw down a heavy bag--it didn't take much imagination for her to suspect he'd have struck one of them with it.

"W-Wait--!" she called out as he walked past, but her voice was too soft. Softer than usual, for a second, Gloria wondered if she truly wanted him to have waited. And even if he had...What would I say? That I wanted to go with him if it meant staying a group? ...That I'd go with anyone? Just a while ago she'd been planning to leave him, to take Michael and go, hadn't she? This game wasn't letting her think straight. She was confused, tired, sore...terrified.

"Stay out of the announcements," he'd said. Announcements. Gloria looked back at her gun, letting out a noise somewhere between a laugh and a sob. She'd heard them, heard the names, one of which was very familiar...

"O-One..." she whispered, head bowed. "O-One of th-the names I heard...w-we were f-f-friends, I t-think." She looked up at Michael, wiping at her tears without taking her glasses off. "M-Met at p-pr-prom...we w-were both sh-shy, an-and no...no partners...S-So we talked..." Head bowing again, Gloria swallowed. "I--I ga-gave him a.. a r-ride home, and...I'm n-not good with m-men, so...s-so I was su-surprised...that I wan-wanted to s-see him again." A tiny, humorless smile came to her lips. "H-His name was an--announced. W-We'd just m-met, you know?"

Why was she telling him all this, she wondered. Sympathy? Need to have company in mourning? Why?

"I--I wonder..i-if he had...h-had a group. Or w-was alone...I-If I w-was there...I coulda used m-my..." Could she? Could she have though? Lifting her head up again, staring at Michael with teary, wide eyes, she nervously held her free hand out, shaking slightly. "Can...c-can we g-go together? St-strength in numbers...w-we can have e-each other's backs. T-til..." She tried to smile again, thinking if she spoke like him, it'd show she wasn't crazy, evil, or really willing to play the game. "Til f-final boss...a-and ending cut-scene?"
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