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"That said... if it takes you this fucking long to realize that this poor girl over here's not a threat? If it takes you shouting at her and brandishing your tire iron and interrogating her while she's fucking crying, while she's fucking terrified of you? Then I don't know what I can do for you. I don't know what anyone can. If you're gonna be that goddamn paranoid, you might as well just lock yourself in a shack and avoid human contact for the rest of your days. Spare everyone the trouble of cleaning up after you when you get this overzealous."

"It's not my fault that half of the time when I run into people, someone is trying to kill someone!" So I'm paranoid? Isn't that half of the point of this friggin' exercise?

Tyler stood there for a few more moments, taking the bits of abuse that were thrown at him. And then... "Harumph!"

Shit. Did I just say that? Really?

Backing away from the group, he let out a deep sigh. "Look, maybe I'll see you again somewhere we're not supposed to kill eachother and we can try this again..." Not that he'd know either way, but... "Good luck." There was a glare in his eyes, somewhere between angry and irritated, as Tyler turned to leave. "Some of you will need a lot of it."

((OOC: Tyler Franklin continued elsewhere))
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