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Raine watched silently as Rena freaked out about the body. In her heart, she knew Ridley was just trying to keep them moving and not focus on whatever it was that they found. Rena needed to know though what the water was. It was something Raine had picked on earlier when they had found her--Rena was not the type of person to leave things unfinished. Sure it was a character trait to be admired, but at the same time, aren't there things that are better to leave alone?

"Rena." Raine spoke firmly with her new friend. Slowly, she approached her and laid a hand softly on her shoulder. "Yes, it's a dead body. It's the dead body of a schoolmate that we will all terribly miss!" Raine turned Rena to face her and she looked at the girl straight in the eye. "There's something you should understand though. We can't do anything about it! Now it's obvious...the body was murdered...It isn't an accident."

It was hard to say those words.

"But we musn't scream. Whoever it was might still be around. What we can do...is prevent it from happening again." Raine swallowed hard. "...We have to stop whoever this person is from doing more harm to our other friends."
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