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How cute.
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[Boy #14 - Alex White. Continued from I Swear I Won't Shoot.

Day late and a dollar short, but it's better than nothing.]

Well, wasn't this just an enjoyable time they were having here.

"You certainly sound happy now don't you Jimmy."

How long he'd been standing there wasn't important, nor was how he got there to begin with; what was important was the rather wide smile Alex had plastered on his face while watching Jimmy Brennan kicking and screaming on the ground after Carly's little 'gift'. Sure, he wondered if he should even bother coming over when he first spotted them, but this was too much to miss. Jimmy Brennan getting kicked in the balls? It was the most entertainment he'd seen in a long while. Sure, he'd feel bad about enjoying it so much and he didn't really have a problem with Jimmy, it was just that he got kicked in the nuts and that was the last thing he expected to see when expecting someone to get injured. So yeah, he was enjoying this for a while.

"The hell did you do to get the boot anyways?"

Alex wasn't really going to do much more than stand there and watch; that other boy, Isaiah, had already tried to help and Jimmy certainly wasn't in the mood to accept any further help, so why bother? The stream of curses and swears brought out a couple laughs from the torch-holding boy, but little else as he stood there with one hand in his pocket and the other holding the lit torch at his side. Why was he using a torch again anyways? Oh, wait, dead flashlight, that was it.

"Whatever it was, it certainly seemed to piss her off."

He glanced back at the direction Carly and the other boy had run off in. For a moment, he wondered what the long gone silhouetted figures may have had when it came to a weapon, but he shook that off. It was time to give that up, he had no reason to keep pursuing that. Forget disarming everyone, just get a grip on reality and find Andrea. That was the plan now. That outburst on the beach? That was... well, that was reality slipping a little too far out of reach, that's what that had been. But Jimmy? He was a nice little bit of canned reality, a nice bit of normalcy. As far as he could recall, Alex always remembered Jimmy like this. Then again, things could get skewed because of current events... maybe he just wanted to think Jimmy was always like this. It just seemed... normal, y'know? Seeing someone get kicked in the nuts by a girl.

"Come on now, I'm sure your balls are fine. Get up and stop crying."

Probably not a good choice of words toward the pissed off boy with the sore nuts.

"Aren't you supposed to be a badass?"

Probably shouldn't antagonize him either.

"What happened to that tough guy attitude from school?"

What was the point of this again? Was he looking to get Jimmy even more pissed off? Either way, it looked to be working. Jimmy Brennan was not happy and it looked like he found the perfect way to show it too.
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