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((OOC: Is Holly still in this thread?))

"Don't worry Rena, it's probably just water right? I've had it happen before."

That's not water.

"Ridley...Sh-Shine your ipod light over here...Please...J-Just tell me it's not what I think it is...Smells like..."

That's not water.

"It's just water, okay? We're in tunnels, so of course there'll be some water or mud here and there."

That's not water.

"Come on, let's go further in, okay?"

That's not water that's not water that's not water-

"THAT'S NOT FUCKING WATER!" Rena's scream echoed across the tunnels, slamming violently around the enclosed space.

Tears swarmed in her eyes, a feeling of disgust and fear- deadly, paralyzing fear- crawling up her spine.

The beautiful walls of denial she'd been building ever since the start of the "game" were crumbling down. The memories she'd tried so hard to repress were coming back to her, swarming her mind like bees.

Jake had smiled so nicely after he pushed her. But he didn't run. Despite the hideous red liquid pouring out of her face and the pain, and the screams- she'd been screaming so loud- he just stood there, smiling. Like nothing had happened at all. She'd felt his hands on her back, she'd felt herself fall, she felt the sandbox edge slice her under her eye, she felt it- he saw it, but he just stood there, smiling. And all she could see was the red, drying on her face, pumping out of the wound, the hideous, hideous red, and his smile- and she was terrified.

She'd fallen off of her bike. Red. Carla had cut her finger. Red. The razor slipped in the shower. Red. The color of hate, and death. Red. Red. Redredredredred.

After the memories, names.

Remi Pierce, Reika Ishida, Paige Strand, Augustus MacDougal, Eve Walker-Luther, Violetta Lindsburg, Eva Lancaster, Cody Jenkins, Hermione Miller, James Mulzet- she'd seen James, hadn't she? Wasn't it James? He'd been there- why was he gone now?

Real. It was all real. They were real. They were dead.

Rena screamed again, louder. "Don't you dare tell me it's water. I know what it is!" Tears flowed from her face, sobs ached in her throat. "I know, I know." She whispered the words, finally admitting to herself that it was all actually happening- she wasn't going to wake up.

Rena had pulled out her own flashlight and clicked it on before even realizing that she was moving. Maybe someone just got wounded- maybe they're okay.

The figure was misshapen- brutally beaten and mauled. Covered in the red. Dead. Deader than she thought was possible.

She squeaked again, choking out her sobs. "Shit. Shit shit shit shit fucking shit!"

It's real...it's all fucking real...

"We're all gonna fucking die."

She screamed, as loud as she could, as if somehow the noise would force her to wake up- as if it would make everything alright.

It didn't.

It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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