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((Isabel Guerra continued from Day of the Dove))

Isabel marched silently along with the group as they left the green and went in search of someplace to bathe. Bathing sounded good. She was dirty, the top of her head was greasy, her curls were frizzy and she was disgusting. Her face was stiff from all of the tears.

She didn’t feel much like talking. As soon as they had left she pulled her ipod out of her bag and left it on shuffle. She couldn’t hear anything outside of her music. She made a little world for herself where she could think. It was just as well, she was sure that if Dave tried to speak to her she’d snap at him. They had walked for hours, but she didn’t mind. She actually sort of liked the exercise. Isabel began to get hungry again, but she almost didn’t even care enough to eat. She was comfortable in her walking and she felt like stopping to eat would distract from her comfortable, numb world of one foot in front of the other.

And then they stopped. Charlie yelled something and Dave ran forward. Isabel picked up her head and tugged the ear buds out of her ears. There was a girl. She looked pretty badly injured. She just stood and stared as Dave took the girl down to the river. What else could she do? Dave was the muscle and Helen had mentioned previously that she was going to a good university to be a doctor. Isabel instead trudged over to the curious things that were beside the girl. A few soda cans were on the ground. She picked one up, it felt heavy. Isabel tipped it to the side and a bit of water came out. She put it down and picked up a knife. The knife had something lumpy and strange on it. She brought it to eye level, turning and inspecting it. She turned back towards the girl in the river.

It looks like she's got quite a story.
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