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((Dave Morrison, continued from Day of the Dove.))

Dave was, all things considered, not doing all that bad. Sure they'd seen a dude get chainsawed, thrown goth chicks into mirrors, been threatened a couple of times, and heard the ever-growing list of names being listed off, and had to scare off a psychopath with vision issues brandishing a tire iron, but for the most part, they'd been kinda chilled out, the group they'd gotten together. He was sure other people were going through hell right now, but, here he was, the only guy in an increasingly large group of chicks, all headed off to the nearest river to bathe. Come to think about it, he was doing pretty great, actually.

He'd spent most of the day following Charlie's lead as she lead them on their root march to the nearest river, which had seemingly taken them halfway across the island. Dave didn't really mind, though, they'd managed to avoid running into any nutjobs. Dave paused as Charlie asked them to listen. They had to be getting close.

"Huh?" Shit. Screaming. Fucking Screaming. "The fuck?"

The group pushed forwards, coming to a stream- Fuck yeah, they'd actually found something- and the prone, beaten-the-fuck-out-of girl lying by it. The screaming had no doubt come from her. Was she still alive? Charlie promptly freaked the fuck out and shouted for Dave to do something.

Yo, Dave, you okay there? Seem a little spaced out, bro. Yeah, Charlie's fucking shouting at you to do something. The problem was, well, that Dave honestly didn't know what the fuck to do right now. Shit, he had to do something. Anything.

Dave ran forwards and knelt down beside the girl. Who was she? Fuck, didn't matter. Just had to do something. Anything. Right, er, check for a pulse. Dave grabbed the girl's wrist and put two fingers up to it. She still had a heartbeat. That was a start. Shout to Helen. She's the med student, right? She knew this shit. Right, now do what she just suggested.

After a bit of effort, Dave managed to lift the girl, taking the step down into the stream. It was only knee deep but Dave struggled to keep his footing. He bent down. Submerged her in the water. Tried not to drown her.

Hoped it would work.
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