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Rewind several minutes. Back to the office where Ethan is sitting on the floor writing and Feo is looking around the cabin.

The pencil swooped and dipped, slinking across the lined dance floor. He wasn’t sure what to say exactly but he knew that if he didn’t say something, he would just sit there looking at the page and wouldn’t say anything at all, so he said everything. Everything he could think to write. It was his good bye so he had to make it good. Most of people get watch-out-for-the-bus-what-bus SPLAT but he was privileged to get this chance and he knew it.


His heart sped up writing the name. Keep going. You have to do it now, there’s no more time. No more time to be uncertain.

Since you’re reading this I’m going to assume Danya’s taken the liberty of relieving my head from my body. That’s cool, I was getting bored of this place anyway.

A pause in his pencil’s movement. He was actually getting a little choked up. There’s no time for that either. Just keep writing.

I took out the cameras in the office. Those other two pieces of paper I left you are instructions on how to get the computer running without electricity.

If you follow the instructions you should be able to get into the computer for a limited amount of time. This is a ranger station, so there has to be weather reports, maps, anything that has our location. Look for coordinates or a name of the island. Once you’ve got that, get out of here. This place is likely to become a danger zone in the morning since I expect they’d like to repair the damage I’ve done to the surveillance in this area. When you’ve got the location, try to sneak it into the broadcast somehow. I’m sure the government is monitoring these tapes for anything they could use to find us but I also know this thing has fanboys and when fanboys like something they will tear it limb from limb looking for hidden stuff. Yeah, I spent my last hour planning how to make electricity, I’m a nerd.

You’ve left something out. Go on.

If on the off chance that this works out and you make it home, do you think you could find my sisters and tell them that I thought about them and y’know, that they are some kickass ladies that I owe them a lot?


He bit his lip and glanced to the side. The memory of her flooded his mind and his lips pulled to the sides underneath his teeth. Good memories, great memories. The way she whispered his name, his fingertips grazing of the curve of her hip just before it sloped down into her waist. The best memories.

That goes for you too, Feo. I didn’t mean that stuff I said. I just said it to get you out of the house because I didn’t want them thinking you were in on the camera damage. Also I thought you might try to stop me. So, yeah. I just wanted to tell you that you rock, you really do. You’re sexy as hell and you kick ass. You can take care of yourself and you’ve got a great head on your shoulders. You’re funny and sort of bitchy (but I like that about you) and I’m glad I woke up next to you in the sawmill. This whole thing sucks, but it’s been a blast (get it? Blast!) hanging out with you even though I’m pretty sure you were telling me to fuck off in Portuguese half the time. I didn't think I'd like you as much as I did. You’re a cool chick.

For the first time since he woke up, he felt a little pang of regret. Why did he feel that? He wasn’t sure. Maybe it wasn’t regret at all, maybe it was something else. His thoughts were spinning too fast for him to catch them properly.

You meant something to me.

Was that the best he could do? Yeah, it was. He looked at it for a moment.

You meant mean something to me.


Feo approached him with her oar and her anger reaching it’s boiling point. He thought she was going to take a swing at him right then and there. He wouldn’t have blamed her and she deserved to get a shot in, but his eyes were trained on the oar and determined to dodge it. He needed to be awake to finish this. But she didn’t take the shot. She threw the oar at the door and walked away. The door slammed and he was alone now. Ethan wanted to call out to her, he wanted to say something so that she could hear his voice for the last time. He couldn’t though, it would raise suspicion. His palm curled into a fist until the feeling past. He was alone for the first time since he had woken up. Ethan walked to the door and picked the oar up. His muted footsteps against the carpet were the only sounds, though to Ethan, they were drowned out by the pumping of his blood that was making a racket in his head. He picked up the three pieces of paper folded together, picked up the pencil and wrote “Feo” on the top sheet. Ethan’s heart raced, his fingers became numb around the oar. He placed them on the table in the lounge area and looked up at the camera.

This is it. Show time.

“I’m alone….I’m stuck on this God damn island with no way home, alone. This is your fault.”

More, more. Keep going. What do people normally yell at the cameras?

“You cocksucker. Danya. I’ll kill you. I’ll find you and I’ll kill you.”

Good! Threatening to kill him. Perfect. Make them think you've lost it.

“I’ll find you, kill you, make your family watch as I cut you up and feed you to an alligator, then I’ll kill the alligator and make a pair of boots.”

This isn’t working, that’s just silly. Try something else.

“I’ll never see my family again. I’ll never see my sisters again. I had sisters. All because of you and your stupid fucking game. What the fuck is the point of this? You want to prove that all people are as sick and fucked up as you on the inside? Is that it? What is it? Tell me what it is?!”

Ethan swung the oar and it slammed into the kitchen window.

“Tell me, you fat fuck!”

The glass cracked. He swung again and again until the window shattered. The shards scattered all over the kitchen floor.

“I can’t even imagine what sort of people you got to work for you. This thing takes a lot of people to set up, right? I’ll bet. I was going to do something with my life! I was going to contribute to society and you fucked that all up! I could have done great things! MY LIFE IS WORTH MORE THAN THE LIVES OF YOUR WHOLE FUCKING TECH CREW!”

Ethan walked to the bedroom. He swept the oar down and broke through the screen of the small television set. He tried to pull it out, but it was stuck. His foot up against the t.v. he wrenched the oar out and black glass flew everywhere. Ethan pushed the t.v. onto the ground.

“Yeah, bet you got yourself the top graduates of the university of DeVry working up there,” he seethed. “Bunch of fucking geniuses.” He brought the oar down and started smashing the t.v. “You son of a bitch! YOU TOOK EVERYTHING! That’s what you do, isn’t it? You take everything from people. You take people’s families, their lives, their sanity, their FUCKING EVERYTHING and you leave them with NOTHING!”

He stopped. Ethan was breathing hard. His hands shook and he wiped his eyes under his glasses with the back of his hand. Adrenaline was racing through his blood. He walked to the office room.

“This is bullshit,” he said, looking up at the camera near the door. “If I’m going to die, I want to be taken out by the final boss, not by some kid from the chess club. I don’t want any of your circuitous bullshit about a classmate killing me. In the end, it’s you. If you hadn’t done this to us, they wouldn’t be killing. Even if they kill, it’s still you in the end. I don’t want you to be able to hide behind a scared kid. I want my blood on YOUR hands. I deserve to be killed by you.

He flipped the oar in his hands.

“You think it’s fun to take everything from people? Well maybe I should take something of yours.”

No turning back now.

With a swing of the oar he knocked down the camera. Quickly he ripped it away from the wall by the wires it still precariously hung by and moved to the second camera in the room. He swung the oar again, and the camera fell. He picked both up cameras, dropped the oar and leaped up onto the desk and out the window. Ethan’s legs flew, trying to get him as far from the hut as possible. He ran faster than he ever had before, there was no need to worry about triggering an asthma attack now. In the end, he wasn’t a player or a survivor. He took a third route and ditched out of the game early. He cheated his way out and left a way for the others to try and cheat as well.

“Always cheat, always win.”

Detonation of collar #B002 successful
B002 Ethan Kent: Deceased
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