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Keep it together Brendan...Keep it together...screw it, I'm not doing that.

There was no point in trying to deny how he was really feeling at that moment. Relief, mixed with terror, mixed in with some pure sadness. Erik was here, he'd be here with him, it'd be okay. He was okay, Brendan was okay (well, slightly less so than Erik was), and they would all be okay together.

He'd always had the best way with words, and now, as he sat in Erik's arms, it was like the entire world was simply a dream that surrounded them, colours and blurs....colours and really angry blurs, come to think of it...


Why did he have to just act like that? Erik woud have been just as happy had he waited until he was bandaged up. He was letting his emotions grab ahold of himself. It was a little glimpse into his psyche and a reminder that he was still human, but if he did that again, in a more fleetingly dangerous situation.

When the time came, he'd know.

But now he had to deal with Sarah and Stacy.

Letting go of Erik and rotating himself around in his lap, he faced the goth wrestler and nervously chuckled. Yeah, she could probably beat them both up, by the looks of her.

Sarah's reaction, however, wasn't so calm. Biting the bottom of his lip nervously, he realised he deserved nearly every word of what he said. He had wasted her water, he had wasted her medical supplies. And he was being a bit inconsiderate, given the circumstances. Sure, he'd reunited, but...damn, he needed a bit of time to sort out his priorities.

Sliding off Erik's lap, his hand momentarily grasping his, he shuffled over to Sarah and put his hands on her shoulders.

"Sarah, Sarah, I'm sorry, really sorry. Look, I'll stay still, I've," Brendan reached into his nearby bag and, ruffling around on the inside, found Chris Davidson's first aid kit "Got two of these, you don't need to worry about wasting this stuff. I've got more water as well, we don't need to worry about that. Just...just calm down, okay? I'll, um, I'll get back into position, okay?"

Sliding his backside across the ground, he shuffled back into position on the dirt before, and kept his throbbing, bandaged leg off the ground.

Stacy has the right idea. Keep the tension low, it'll be okay. At least try a joke or two.

Yes, he still had tears in his eyes, but at least his throat was okay now, he wasn't babbling like a freaking madman.

Glancing back at his boyfriend through the upsidedown view that was provided, he smiled widely.

"So - how've you been Erik? Okay?" Brendan smiled. This wasn't a time to be sombre. Slightly happier times were a go.
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