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"Oh thank you. Thank you. I will not forget your kindness. I promise I will do everything I can to help us all." Alex had been a little mad that the other girl, whatever her name was, had decided to bolt. Apparently, she was the smart one in the group. Though Phil seemed to show signs of it. But in the end, kindness had won out in all of them.

Excellent. Alexander would just use them for whatever he could manage to get out of them. Once he was done with them, he would take their things and they would be abandoned. He decided that he would only kill them if they proved to be a threat to him, or he had no other option.

But for now he still had to be cautious. He still didn't have a weapon. He was still at their mercy. That was priority one. Obtain a weapon, preferably one of theirs. Still, he wouldn't mind taking a weapon off a fallen enemy, after these morons took care of that enemy of course.

The trap had been sprung, and even though they seemed to suspect it was a trap, they still went with it. Alex sneered at them in his mind. Only the truly stupid take in another when they can neither provide for themselves nor trust that other. It was almost too easy.

Alex smiled, adjusted his glasses, and straightened his shirt. "Do you mind if I stay in the middle when we move? I can't really help much in a fight. I guess I used up whatever strength I had left protecting myself." He chuckled, slowly. He did feel tired. Very tired. But he couldn't afford to pass out. He couldn't afford to fall asleep. He took another caffeine pill.

Staying alive was priority zero. And to stay alive, he had to stay awake. They would probably abandon him if he passed out. He would do the same, after he had taken what they had of course. He was so tired. Sleep deprivation was beginning to get to him. But he had to stay awake. Long enough to turn the tables.

A wolf among sheep. A wolf in sheep's clothing. Thanks for taking me in little sheep. I'll be sure to savor the taste of your flesh and blood. When the time comes. When it comes. Patience. A hunter needs patience to take his prey.
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