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Autumn ran. Running was all that she knew to do. Her legs swiftly pumped back and forth, carrying her straight and fast to nowhere. She wasn’t running to anywhere in particular nor was she running from any one enemy. All she knew was it was harder to hit a moving target. No one could get her if she ran. It wasn’t the best course of action, but at least it held some semblance of a plan and gave the appearance of productivity. She breathed heavily, every once in a while her right hand swung to her waistband just have the reassuring brush of metal scrape against her nails.

She had gotten separated from the group she had seen back near the house of mirrors. That was fine. She didn’t need them. In fact, she was better off like this. There was no telling when people in this game would become animals and turn on each other. They would eat each other, just like she always knew they could. Running helped her push pause on all the feeling she might have had at the moment. She felt no fear, no sadness, all she felt was the dirt under her shoes. What would she feel if she stopped running? Autumn preferred not to find out. And then suddenly she didn’t feel the dirt under her shoes either. Her foot hit the ground and the earth crumbled. Autumn’s stomach sank along with her feet and she screamed. For a moment she thought that perhaps Hell had opened up and decided to have at her early. She didn’t have long to think though as she was quickly swallowed by the island.

((Autumn O'Leary continued in The Cloud Minders))
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