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Okay, the other girl wasn't going to stick around after all. "Uh, okay, good luck," he said to the back of her, unsure if the girl heard him as she walked off. She didn't reply to him, so he guessed not. Not that he was too busy thinking of her anyway, for Alex had asked if he could join up with the remaining students.

Well this was a difficult situation he found himself in now. Phil didn't know what to do and Jennifer didn't reply when asked herself, probably wasn't going to either. And that left the decision solely on his shoulders. 'Great,' Marco sarcastically thought, looking towards the bloodied newcomer.

There was something off about Alex, but Marco just couldn't put his finger on it. Besides, his story seemed quite feasible. Acting in self defense, yeah, that was a real possibility. There were quite a few killers on the island after all, if the announcements were anything to go by. But could he trust Alex though? The story could all have been a fabrication, a ruse for them to get their guards down. For a moment, Marco was worried that Alex was just feeding them a pack of lies and was getting ready to attack.

'No, snap out of it, this is exactly what Danya wants us to think,' Marco thought. 'He wants us to be distrustful and paranoid of everyone else. These are people we went to school with for god's sake! Why should we suddenly treat anyone we come across like they're random strangers about to stab us in the back? I can't think along those lines. If I do, Danya's succeeding.'

And with that, his mind was made up.

"Okay, you can come along with us for the time being," Marco said, looking over towards Phil and Jennifer. He was confident that Alex wasn't going to be a threat to any of them. He hadn't drawn any weapons out, had given them his full (and real, as far as Marco believed) name and had been completely compliant when asked. 'Let's just hope I haven't made the biggest mistake in my life though,' he thought.
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