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The faceless fear
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Quincy's explaination of his wherabouts seemed to satisfy Tiffany. She pulled back from her tight hug, then shook her head.

"Jackie was here too. The one with the funky name." she said, "She was rolling around on the ground and screaming her head off, like she was having a fit. When I looked at her again, she disappeared."

Tiffany shuddered, "We should get off this mountain. It's too weird. Let's go somewhere safe, just you and me, okay?"

She smiled at Quincy, an uneasy smile, even as she started packing her stuff up, bending over to zip some of the bags up. She pulled two of them onto her shoulders and handed Quincy the gun.

"You should take this. You probably know how to use it better than me. I can use the club." she said.
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