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The faceless fear
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Sarah squeaked in surprise as Brendan jerked the foot and half-attached bandage out of her grasp, stumbling over to the other boy and then letting the remains of the bandage trail in the dirt, where it became useless.

For a moment or two, the girl could only stare in opennmouthed shock. Then, she seemed to swell up to twice her size as she suddenly became furious with Brendan. Not only had he wasted two bottles of her precious water, but he'd ALSO gone and ruined two bandages now, all for his own selfish reasons. Plus he had woken her from her sleep just to get himself stitched when he could have been stitched during the day and saved the bandages and possibly the water and her sleep!

Nerves frayed, then undid. Sarah took a deep breath, then let loose.

"ARGH!" she said, "BRENDAN! YOU GET BACK HERE AND SIT STILL! Is it REALLY too much to ask from you that you don't waste yet another bandage? LOOK AT IT! It's trailing in the dirt now! And you've used up two bottles of my water and a fair lot of iodine as well just cos you wanted to leave your leg to the last minute... I am not a neverending supply of healing items. And I'm sleepy! Okay?! We have to make whatever we have last so we can help as many people as possible. Couldn't you just sit still for one moment?! Just one?! While I bandage you? Instead of letting the bandage trail in the dirt? Huh? Is it really too much to ask?"

And then, inexplicably, she burst into tears. Sarah sat back in the grass and started to sob. There were just too many emotions crowding for her attention and she simply couldn't take it anymore.
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