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((Ben Powell continued from So What Do We Do Now?))

I think you've lost her.
I have not.
Seriously, dangerzone. I'm surprised you're still following actual prints, much less a group of them. It's definatly a different group.
Shut the hell up and keep walking.

Cracking his neck, Ben Powell marched on. He'd been following Chase for a day now. The only reason he was still doing it was because... OK, so there wasn't a real reason anymore except for the promise he'd made. She'd probably had forgotten about it anyway or something. At least she wasn't on the death tally, as well as Jacob and the others. He had lost track of them too, come to think of it. Jacob running off was still stuck in his head, the shot to the girlfriends chest, the blood. All etched in. He wanted to forget it. Never think of it again. So why was it still there, lingering at the back of his mind?

Because we could be next.

With a sigh, Ben kicked a rock and swore softly. Couldn't think like that. That path only led to destruction. As long as he was still breathing, he was going to do something with this. Anything. Right? Yeah. Right. Noticing the ringing in his left ear, he cracked his jaw, trying to pop his ear. Got to remain sane. Got to-


Oh shit, yes.

Spinning around, he started to walk off the path, into the wood area, hiking over fallen logs. Definatly people. Talking. And water, if he wasn't mistaken. Oh, ears, you wonderful things, lemmie give you a hug. Grinning, he stepped out into the open, onto the side of a small stream, and on the other side...

"Oh, mate, what a party."

Giving a grin, Ben saluted at the group, before giving a frown at their apparent lack of acknowledgement of him. It was almost as if they were transfixed on... the body on the floor... Shit. Running over the creek, he started to take off his backpack. "FIRST AID, DO YOU NEED ASSISTANCE?!"

You forgot the girl.
"Oh, and hey Anna."
B069 Ben Powell: That's a bout. Salute. Shake hands.
G052 Sapphire McLeod: The Youngest Was The Most Loved
G084 Eve Walker-Luther: The Prime Time Of Your Life

Game Over. Continue?
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