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(Rachel Gettys continued from Going Round in Circles)

Unlike many who traveled the island, Rachel's rest last evening had been somewhat peaceful, barring the occasional twinge of pain from her leg, for her safety had been assured. Just two days now, two days and two nights precisely, until she and her hundreds of disciples showed their backs to this wretched island. All that she needed now was the hundreds of disciples, and they would come, whether slowly or swiftly.

Well, and who might these people be?

Speaking of disciples, as she journeyed through the woods, she spotted a gathering of people afar off. She recognized quite a few of them, and she suspected they would do likewise the instant that she came into view. She wondered whether or not they had heard the announcements, but it was merely a fleeting curiosity, as it really did not matter whether or not they learned of her recent actions. She would merely let them know that the limey git had been interfering with the Lord's work, and that would be sufficient for any thinking man. If not...

Rachel's grip on the end of her improvised walking stick tightened as she drew herself into view. As she approached, she saw a man lying unconscious, and being attended to by others in the group. She heard brief snatches of conversation, though they were too faint to understand, but from what she understood, somebody had struck Marty Lovett unconscious in order to...she did not know. Perhaps she would learn by inquiring further.

"What happened here?" she asked, making a point to conceal her hobbling as much as she could. "Is this man dead?" No sense in letting them know that she had overheard anything. She would determine for herself who among this group was worthy of trust and who wasn't before she revealed her vision.
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