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Everything flew to pieces faster than Isaiah had seen before. So little trust, so little empathy. The boy was Jimmy Brennan. Someone Isaiah had heard of in school, never in a flattering light. Jimmy Brennan was supposed to be a whiner or a poser or something. Supposed to be a phenomenal pain. That really didn't seem to merit attacking him out of hand, though. Of course, if what Carly said was true, if Jimmy had attacked her earlier, maybe that changed the situation some.

Maybe it didn't.

It wasn't like Jimmy's name had been blazing across the announcements for days. It wasn't like he had a killing streak and a Best Kill Award behind him. He was just a boy, a scared boy who'd been kicked in the crotch, and Isaiah simply could not take him seriously as a threat.

Carly was moving on. So was Jasper, following her, apologizing for running off. Isaiah nodded at him, said, "Good luck." No real time for anything else. Then they were gone, leaving Isaiah alone with the small boy. He wasn't sure what to do, exactly. Would Jimmy be mad at him, since he'd been talking to the others? Would he really be an insane psychopath, immediately reacting with violence? Would he just be a constantly-annoying buffoon, a curse to deal with, a divine test of patience?

Only one way to find out, the way that Isaiah had to take. The compassionate way.

He walked over to Jimmy, and lowered his hand, in case the boy needed help.

Then he said, "Hey, man, you alright?"
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