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His insides were still buzzing, he tried to calm down before looking at her. “Yeah, me neither. They didn’t leave anything good. At least it’s empty. Would have sucked to walk into an ambush. Here, come on, I might be able to tear some stuff out of the kitchen we could use.”

Ethan dug inside his pack for the first aid kit. Inside was a small pair of scissors. Not big enough to really do damage to someone in a fight but still able to cut softer material. He took the scissors and walked to the kitchen, very aware of the girl behind him. He could see her in his peripheral vision; he didn’t let her out of his sight. It wasn’t that he thought she would do something, but that he was trying to think. He was trying to think about her.

I need her out of here. It’s just a game, it’s all just a game. How do you get a girl to walk away from you? This should be easy. I mean, I’ve done it a ton of times before without even trying.

He grabbed the refrigerator with both hands on either side and leaned back as hard as he could, shifting from side to side. Eventually he created a space behind the refrigerator big enough for him to slip into. It was a tight fit between the wall and the back of the refrigerator, but it was just what he needed. First was the condenser tube/grill. He dug his fingers in and started to pull. It gave a little; it seemed to be a pretty old fridge, but not enough. He backed himself against the wall as far as he could and started kicking furiously at the metal. Eventually he managed to wrench it off the back of the machine and throw it on the counter.

“We might be able to use this for something. I’ll figure it out. I always do..”

It was his game of cruelty.

Behind the condenser was the fridge compressor. He pulled the black, metallic piece towards him and took out the tiny scissors. He set the blades the distance of the inside of the screws holding the compressor together and turned. He would have preferred a screw driver, but this seemed to be working. Finally the last screw was out and he was able to carefully open the compressor and slide out the thing he had worked so hard for, the motor. The cameras couldn’t see him behind the refrigerator. He tossed the two pieces to the side in what he hoped was a convincingly haphazard manner. In reality he was carful that the motor landed somewhat gently.

“What a piece of crap. Everything’s already broken.”

He got what he wanted. Ethan walked over to the discarded condenser tube and pretended to study it avidly.

“The condenser tube is part of the coolant system...so if it breaks then there'll be a bunch of refrigerant everywhere. Refrigerant is kind of noxious….we could potentially use it if we were careful.”

He looked over his shoulder at her and laughed.

“Ahhh, why am I explaining this to you? Like you can contribute anything. Now that we’ve got machines I can toy with instead of sticks, it’s best if you just stay out of my way and relax. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it; I can take care of us. That pretty little head is all you’ve got left now anyway, so take care of it. I mean, before you might have been able to rise above what you lack in mental capacity to be a musician but unless you can play the sax one-handed you are SOL. That’s okay, pretty is all you need. It got you this far, didn’t it?”

And now he had to see if he had won and done what he set out to do. He would have to for his plan-

His plan was being laid out on the notebook paper. Back in the office just a few minutes earlier he frantically scribbled out his design. His head bent low over the paper and his tongue stuck out, he wrote out the instructions for Feo.

So the general idea here is to use the motor that powers the fridge's compressor as a generator. You do this by turning the motor’s shaft, thus generating an AC voltage on the wires that normally supply electricity to it.

You should find the wires that run from the controller (fig A) to the motor, and strip their ends (fig B).

He flipped to the second page and drew a picture of the controller and labeled it as “fig A.” He then drew the wires, stripped, with a “fig B” next to them.

I’ll leave you a pair of pliers I found to do it. There’s also some small scissors from my first aid kit I’ll leave you. Use a blade of the scissors to apply pressure on the wire, then turn the wire while continuing to apply pressure. You should be able to see a bit of the inside wire. If you do, grab the end of the plastic insulation and pull it off.

Next, take the motor and jam the motor shaft into the hub of the rear wheel of the bike (fig C). That way when you pedal, the shaft will turn.

Once you’ve got that, go to the computer and find the Uninterruptible Power Supply (fig D) and cut the cable that goes to the wall, and strip those wires too.

Attach the leads from the motor to the stripped wires from the UPS (fig E). When you turn the motor shaft via peddling the bike, you'll be generating AC power, a lot like what comes out of the wall, and putting it into the UPS, thus charging the batteries in the UPS. The electricity you generate will be much lower voltage and current than the wall electricity, but the UPS will have rectification circuitry to charge the batteries that will make that fine and the battery will charge.

Once you do that for a fucking while, the computer will power off of the UPS batteries. A decent ratio of on-time to cranking time is like 1:10, so if you crank for an hour, you get 6 minutes of computer time. After you work out those legs for a while, you should have yourself an island computer.

He sighed and wiped his forehead. The easy part was over. Science was easy. He flipped to the third page and started writing the last part.
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