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Suddenly, complexity.

"I'm Isaiah. Isaiah Garvey. I'm not looking for any trouble. A little rest sounds great right about now."

That name meant nothing to him, though the boy the name belonged to seemed pleasant enough, and certainly didn't strike Jasper-Declan as a threat. Perhaps- in another circumstance- the trio would be able to spend a pleasant night together.

But that was not to be. After all, Isaiah Garvey was not the source of the complexity.


That was.

Jasper-Declan knew Jimmy Brennan. Well, he didn't know him, so to speak, but he knew of him and had certainly heard him mouthing off in the halls of Bayview. He was exceptionally loud and the vulgarity was entirely in character for him- in fact he was surprised at himself for having not guessed at the identity of their intruder. But Jasper-Declan remembered that Carly had seen Jimmy earlier, and that he had attacked her...

He whirled around just in time to see Carly kick Jimmy where it would hurt.

Jasper-Declan cringed. Not that he'd felt that pain before, but some male instinct told him he really didn't want to be Jimmy right now.

"It's Jimmy Brennan. Jimmy, he like attacked me on the first day, OK? I had to- I had to hit him."

He only nodded.

"So I really think we should get somewhere else to camp tonight, and uh, we should go now, sorry. C'mon, let's go!"

He nodded again. Jasper-Declan was never a man of many words, and now was not the time to change. But before he followed after her, he stopped for a moment to speak to the newly identified Isaiah Garvey.

"...I'm sorry. I hope we meet each other again in good health."

And then he followed Carly, careful not to outrun her.

Strange how I truly wish for his safety...I hardly know him. It would be better for my future, such as it is, if he was taken out, no?

Illogical, but...

[[Jasper-Declan MacDermott continued in She Bopped]]
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