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Time to Spare
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((Michelle O'Cain continued from Life's A Beach))

'Fuck that bitch...if she didn't have my crowbar, I'd be somewhere else doing something that might actually matter.' Michelle thought bitterly to herself as she tromped along with the others to...wherever the kid was taking them. Jeremy something. The name had been said several times as they were walking, but Michelle was too busy trying to ignore the aching pains in her feet to really remember what his clusterfuck of a last name was. She sighed inwardly, wishing she hadn't lost her head back at the beach. Hindsight was always 20/20. She just wished her foresight was also 20/20 instead of non-existent.

If it was, maybe she wouldn't be in this intolerable situation. They had been trekking for hours straight with no chance of rest and Michelle was starting to get a little stir crazy again. But after what happened at the beach, she had no doubt that either Jeremy or Aston would just fill her full of lead if she made one wrong move. The bitch probably wanted to kill her right now if those frequent lookbacks were any indication. She was tempted to just reach out and throttle the other girl and scream, "No, I'm not going to be fucking killing anyone right now! I'm tired, I want to rest, and so far, nothing I've wanted to work has worked! So point your eyes to the front of the fucking path or else I'll rip them out and shove them up your ass!"

Probably something with a bit less profanity. But alas, that had to be relegated to the realms of fantasy. 'What a shame...I bet that'd feel good.'

At least she had the shade to be thankful for. Nice, cool shade.

And, to use a tired phrase, a babbling brook. Despite her situation, Michelle couldn't help but be cheered by the fact that there was water nearby. It probably wasn't all that safe, but just having a natural source of water was probably an advantage most other students didn't have at the moment.

Good things apparently came in threes, because it was at this point that Jeremy finally decided that walking was for squares and stopped, placing his friend on the ground. And then came the question that she had been expecting. Namely what had happened to cause the whole goddamn situation in the first place. She kept her mouth shut, biting on her lower lip as she decided to let the others explain first. She didn't know if he'd believe a single thing she said...but if any of the others decided to color her in a more than unfavorable light, she wasn't going to be happy.

Aston began first and Michelle could only snort as she heard the other girl's explanation. 'A little stressed? I guess Danya is just a little evil and this is all some sort of little game that kids play when they're bored. You were freaking the fuck out as well, girl, and you were the one waving your fucking gun around the place.'

Michelle returned Aston's glare with full force, folding her arms as she narrowed her eyes. A brief flare of anger ran through her body as she heard Aston act all doctor-like, putting the somber soap opera lines to work as she offered to look at the unconscious kid. She grit her teeth, trying to calm herself down. 'Don't get pissed...don't last out. This is not the time. Save your anger. Savor it. Wait for an opportune time before unleashing it. There is a time and place for everything. She'll get hers, no doubt...'

The other girl suggested using willow bark as some sort of aspirin before immediately realizing just how dumb that sounded and crouching next to Marty. She also voiced concern over his status and Michelle bit her lower lip again. 'Come on. I don't think I hit him that hard...ugh...'

She hated getting painted as the villain...even though she was technically the villain. She still didn't regret hitting him. If it resulted in his death...then that was it. Marty simply had been unlucky enough to be caught in a situation caused by his own freaking out. And frankly, judging from his attitude, some other killer on the island, 'Maybe Maxwell or Sarah', would have made a show of him instead.

"Looks like it's my turn." Michelle said in a steady voice, turning her attention to Jeremy. "I came across your friend and her on the beach. I was curious to see what was going on, so I approached them. Your friend, to put it lightly, freaked out and started yelling and screaming at us. And Aston, as she so lightly puts it, 'got a little stressed', and started to wave her gun around and scream about how she would be alive because she had a gun. I was caught between two screaming little children and overreacted and hit your friend on the head with the crowbar."

"So that's it." She finished, her expression serious. "It was a mistake. I was angry and I wanted people to calm down, so I lashed out and hit the person closest to me. And that's when you came across us."

She looked away, a sigh escaping from her lips. "If it means anything, I hope your friend is okay and I wasn't trying to kill him."
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