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(George Leidman continued from The Moon is Laughing At You)

George was amazed that he could run for so long, excepting a few breaks for rest. He'd never had to really get into his upper limits of strength before, and it was a liberating feeling, in a sense. Granted, he would have preferred to never have to tax himself for so long, but he didn't really have a choice in the matter, did he?

However amazing he was, he was still human, and as he once again slowed to a halt next to a hill, he decided that enough was enough for now. Seating himself against the hill, he realized that there was some sort of jabbing pain in his right foot, and he pulled off his sneaker to investigate. It was just a couple pebbles. Honestly, the funk coming off of his utterly worn socks would have been a larger threat to his life.

George was on the verge of packing up and moving onward when he heard something that sounded like someone shouting his name. Turning around to look where the noise came from, he dropped his sneaker in shock. "C-Carly? CARLY!" he shouted back, hastily jamming his sneaker back on his foot, laces untied. As he began to scramble up the hill, however, someone higher up suddenly dislodged a number of pebbles as he fell down the hill a short distance, dropping them all over the junior archeologist. As he cleared his eyes, he saw that somebody else was up there, someone also very familiar.

"Sebastian, you bastard!" he shouted, catching himself on the hillside as his sneaker suddenly slipped off and rolled back to the bottom. "Don't you dare do a thing to her!" Planting his unprotected foot in the hill, he winced as he stepped right on another rock, but he didn't care. He was going to find his way up this hill somehow.

I swear, if he touches her, he is going straight down this hill on his head.
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