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Raine had been silent through the whole trek. She didn't know what to say or do, but to follow Ridley and Rena. Looking at them together having survived so far, Raine felt reassured that if anything happens to her, Rena would be able to help Ridley or the vice versa. Having been used to cross country, Raine was able to step among the ground in the tunnels easily. It made her recall memories of running through forests and shallow creeks.

Hearing Rena squeak, Raine touched Ridley's shoulder. "Don't worry Rena, it's probably just water right? I've had it happen before." She merely smiled and knelt down beside Rena to investigate the 'water'. When she touched it, a shiver went down Raine's spine. This wasn't water. "Ridley...Sh-Shine your ipod light over here...Please...J-Just tell me it's not what I think it is..."

Knowing she would regret it. Raine lifted her hand and smelled her finger. "...Smells like..." And her voice simply drifted off as she paled.
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