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Sleeping was, Helen was starting to feel, the best bit about being on the island. Usually, she found sleep frustrating, a time that was better spent doing other things, but now, the more she slept, the less she had to think about what was happening. Also, if she was killed in her sleep, well she felt that that was the best way to go. Quick and painlessly. Still, it took her a while to drift off, her head resting on her duffel bag and a hoody as a blanket. Memories of the kid and his tyre iron were flittering through her head, she could see it now, it crashing down upon her with sheer force... that would not be a painless way to kick the bucket. She watched the scared girl for a bit, looking peaceful at last, and Helen was grateful when Dave covered her up.

Waking up was one of the worst things about being on the island. Naturally, one's friends getting killed, one's friends becoming killers, and facing psychos with tyre irons were worse, but that slow realisation that actually you weren't at camp, but on an island full of crazies, that was a pretty crap way to start any day. Especially when the usual wake up call was that voice. Those words. That list of the dead and the ones that did it. It was sickening. Helen sat up stiffly, stretching out her back and reaching for a bottle of water in her pillow bag, realising that the glow sticks had been digging into her back all night. She still hadn't come up with a good way to kill anyone with glow sticks, and the resentment at having drawn such a crap weapon came back all over again.

Everyone else was starting to move. Isabel was upset, Helen looked at Charlie; she'd only known her for a very short while, less than twelve hours if her watch was indeed still keeping correct time. She wouldn't know what to say, knew nothing about her, knew nothing of what she might have been through already. Current suspicion was that the announcement had something to do with it. Helen was very acutely aware that her experiences on the island so far had been very mild in comparison to most, and she had no idea what a lot of people were going through. At least you know that you're ignorant in terms of life experience. Surely that's gotta count for something?

It unnerved her that they had no plan, and yet still they all stood up and walked. Perhaps this was the way to do it? To walk without aim? It had kept her alive for more than three days now after all, wandering aimlessly. She scrambled to her feet, realising in the process that she was beginning a muggy headache from sleeping on the ground and not for long enough, and she attempted to start walking and root around in her bag for paracetamol simultaneously, spilling half the bottle in the process.

"Fuck," she said, hoarsely, the first word she had spoken all day. She stopped, and down two tablets quickly, jogging to catch up with the others. "Right! Lets see where it takes us! I'm up for that!" she said as brightly as she could catching up to them.

((Helen Wilson continued in Faraday's Cages))
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