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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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At first, Ivan wasn't quite sure how to take Tabi's gesture. Offering him her bread was nice, but when it all boiled down to it, also fairly impractical. He had his own bread, and didn't need her pity or stupidity by offering hers. What was going to happen when the both of them chowed down on that bread and then it was all gone? She'd be asking Ivan for his, that's what would happen. It made more sense and was just as easy for them to stick to nibbling on their own bread without having to swap spit or anything else nasty like that.

All the same... it was a really nice thing to offer.

"It's alright... I have my own," he spoke softly. Not that he was particularly hungry anyway... as an athlete and the son of another, Ivan embraced the fact that you need a good breakfast each and every day for a balanced and healthy diet, but the island had done wonders to kill his appetite, particularly this morning. The worst part? He still couldn't decide if this was just because he was never starving in the mornings and the stress of being away from home further affected him, or because Keith's face remained burned into his mind.

Will I ever be able to escape that? Do I even have to worry about it for too long? ... Probably not...

Watching the sunrise alongside Tabi had done a lot to hinder the lingering effect of Ivan's nightmares, as temporary as the effects may have been. When was the last time that he had really sat down and watched the sunrise, so similar in appearance to a sunset but with so many other nuances and meanings? He searched himself to find the answer, struggling to remember back as far as his earliest year of high school, and he still couldn't find a time where he had sat down and really taken it all in, even with Louis. So much that he hadn't done, that he really had taken for granted in life, and there was no way to enjoy it all now, no way to take it all back.

... I'm sorry, bro.

Ivan's eyes traced upwards from around the sun, looking up at the sky's gradual chance to amber from red, then to the light blue of day. He could just barely make out the last signs of night's darkness fading out of view behind the trees. As he brought his attention back, he thought he saw something that just didn't fit in. His tired mind focused, taking a second or two to realize what he was looking at, what was straddling the chain-link fence, not moving or showing signs of life, resting atop sections of the fence covered in what looked to be crusted blood...

He immediately tensed up, the memories of the savage murder coming back in full-force. Ivan had only seen two dead bodies on the island thus far, and he had caused one of them. Number two was now the focus of his attention - his pained, train wreck, bile-fascination attention. The cries, the screams, the branch coming down again and again and again... there was no stopping it. The announcements said that others were killing, but those words were meaningless bullshit.

"Hey. It's Imraan, Imraan Al-Hariq."




Things weren't bad enough to have a dead body just hanging there admist what was otherwise a beautiful setting. No... somebody had just gotten the drop on the both of them. If they had chosen to shoot right away, then Tabi, Ivan, or both of them could've been dead right then and there. In a frantic moment, Ivan spun and rose to his feet, just about every hair on his body standing on end.

Things had gone from worse to very, VERY much more terrible. The new arrival wasn't just any person who could be a threat, it had to be the tallest damned kid in Bayview Secondary. There were a lot of those kicking school with a crowd like Roland Harte, Craig Hoyle and Robert Lowe, but this guy had to go and be one inch taller than ALL of them. Even at the distance he was now, Ivan felt the need to tip his head back slightly to look the boy in the eye.

Oh, and he had what looked to be a shotgun. Brilliant.

"I'm not gonna shoot."

Yeah, there was some real comfort. If the skyscraper of a boy wasn't going to shoot, then what the hell did he want? He could say something like that all he wanted, but all it took was a nice adjustment of that shotgun at Imraan's waist, pointing it right at Ivan, and blam... shot would be sent shooting through his body, probably killing him in an instant or so. Then move the barrel an inch to the side, do the same with Tabi. Or maybe Imraan planned to get Ivan out of the way so he could have his own plans with Tabi. There was no way to be sure, and no way to defend himself as, in a ridiculously stupid move, he had forgotten to pick up the shotgun that was still at his feet.

Brilliant, Ivan... you're going to die, now. What else did you miss!?

Keeping Imraan in his sights, Ivan jerked his head in both directions, looking for other students who may be hunting him. One direction seemed to hold nothing, but the ice in his blood grew a little colder when he saw, far off in the distance and simply watching them all, none other than Robert Lowe.

What is this... the day of the goddamn giants!?

If there was a list of things in Ivan's heart comprised of the hardest things he had ever done, then standing in front of Imraan right now and fighting off the trembling rocking away at his body was at least number five. Finally, the larger boy had said something more... that he wanted to talk to him. All in all, though, it was too difficult to fathom... was he about to die here, or not?

Don't watch Louis... don't watch...

"The hell do you want...?"
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