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((Anna Chase continued from Life's A Beach))

Why was she doing this...

Chase had been sluggish this entire time, partly due to being tired and hungry, and because of all the drama she had been put through lately. She tried her best to persevere, but sometimes she would kind of trip on her own feet, only to hoist herself back up again.

She didn't even know why she kept following them. They were probably batshit and would kill each other at a moment's notice. God, she really couldn't trust anyone here, could she? She was probably alone. Dawne and Jon were dead. Rekka was probably scared out of his wits at best, and Brendan was probably spazzing out elsewhere. Come to think of it, what about Erik? Oh god, she didn't want to have to fight him too. She didn't want Erik to die too. She didn't even remember about him. And yet he was here. He was here, and she didn't even know him that well, so she couldn't even picture how he'd react or what he was going through. She knew Brendan would be upset if one day he... was gone. Brendan didn't deserve that. Erik was a good man from what she could tell, and they seemed happy together. She hoped they found each other, or maybe if they found her.

Did she want them to find her, though? Did she want to have to deal with that one big question that would inevitably come up if she ever found them? She wanted to know if they were safe, but then there was the issue of...

No, don't think about that.

Erik and Brendan were fine. They had to be. Maybe they would have better luck than her. Maybe.

Ever since the beach, Chase had become particularly jumpy. Ever since she realized just how many people were stressed out and most likely crazy, even the sound of her own footsteps made her nervous. For the longest time, she would stare at Marty and Retro-Guy, and then back at the two other girls. To be honest, she was surprised they lasted this long without violence erupting again. It seemed mostly quiet, melancholy even. Like death. Or what happens when a machine is turned off for the first time in a while. Or an abandoned library. Or an abandoned schoolyard.

A stream. A stream? Yes, a stream. Nearby them. It babbled so noisily. Now that she thought of it, there was something soothing about water. She hadn't been able to enjoy the beach, that she just remembered. But hearing the soft murmurs of the stream slightly comforted her.

Retro Guy found a place to put Marty, it seemed. As of right now, they were under what appeared to be a willow tree. Here? Well, willow trees grew by water, that she knew. Just where in the world were they, though? An island, yes, but a fairground? Bears? Willow trees?

As he beckoned to them, Chase ran forward, hoping to get to them before the other two did. Dear god, who knew what those two would do in particular. Sure, Spiky Head took the other girl's weapon, but that meant she had two now.

She didn't expect to stay with the group for much longer. Just to check on Marty, see if he's alright, and go on her way. Who knew what Retro-Guy and Marty would do if they attacked her? She was more worried about the other two, but she was still paranoid about the girls.

As she stepped towards the boys, she could see the girl with the spiky hair approaching. Though it wasn't as spiky as before. It seemed wet... what the hell was she doing? Taking her head for a nice little dunk? To be honest, that only reminded her that she hadn't even changed her clothes in days, and they were starting to itch.

She babbled on about being angry and doing stupid things. Then again, this was the same girl who said she was going to live because she had a gun. That wasn't anger, was it? That was insanity, even if temporary. And that other girl was bad news, too. If she really wanted the argument to end, she could have just gone for Spiky Head.

And yet, because of her words, she knew that the other girl wasn't going to react so well. She didn't have a weapon this time, but who knew?

Chase stepped towards the willow tree and ran her hand against the bark, then knocked on it with her knuckles. She gazed at it, looking at it like she had never seen a tree before. After a while, she buried her head against it. But as the other girl rambled on about how he might not wake up and how she should inspect him for bruises, Chase lifted her head off the bark and said what was on her mind just a few seconds ago.

"Hey... doesn't willow bark contain a major ingredient of aspirin? If he wakes up and has head pain and no one has painkillers we could..."

She paused.

"Actually, it sounds stupid..." she muttered, mostly to herself.

Seriously, scrapping random trees for medicinal effects that could do anything, including poison? Yeah, that was stupid. Chase was no expert on plants and how they work on the body. So she shouldn't try that.

Crouching down to get a better look at Marty, she asked "Do you think he's... he's alright?"

As the other girl had pointed out, unconsciousness usually meant brain damage. There was a chance he was a goner. All to shut him up... that girl might have killed him!

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