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The fabric of Trent's shirt was pulled from the tight grasp of her fingers. The unconscious body was hoisted up by both David and Duncan, his feet clumsily trailing through the grass as he was pulled away. Haruka swallowed and a dry lump went down her throat, she threw her arms out, trying to gain balance as she climbed to her feet but only succeeded in falling to the ground.

It's all over...Everything! Oh God everything is over!

She rolled onto her side, the soles of her Mary Janes scraping against the ground as she tried to climb back up. She looked down at the bloody body, Craig O'Hoyle, dead and gone. Above the body stood a boy and a girl, Nik and Fiona, Bonnie and Clyde.

"He's armed, and I'm not half-bad with this thing,"

That was all Haruka needed to hear. Fiona had started another string of words, but Haruka's eyes were drawn only to the axe. She...She could take my head off with that thing! Haruka rolled onto her front and pressed her palms against the floor, and with a pump from her arms, she pushed herself into a sprinting position.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see a boy with a wooden sword, against an axe and a gun it would do little to nothing. Her fingers grabbed the straps of her bag and she bit her lip.

Oh God, Craig...I am so sorry for what happened...I couldn't do anything you knew that, but I could have tried, we all could have tried...I don't know whether or not this was an accident or you taking the bullet but I just want you to know, somewhere, someday or somehow, that I'm so sorry for everything...Thank you for accepting me and letting me join your group, and I'm sure the others want to thank you too, but I'm sorry that I may leave them...I don't know what your wishes were but I feel as if I'm going to go against them pretty soon...

Haruka hadn't ran so fast in her entire life. In the distance she could see the three boys and that if she pushed herself she could catch up with them, even if her legs were going to give out soon. She just hoped she'd be able to conserve her stamina until the next encounter with Nik, the death girl or anyone else who wanted to hurt her.

((continued in Out and In))
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