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((Aston Bennett continues from Life's a Beach))

So for the last...what, day or so, Aston took it upon herself to have some extra responsibility.

Watch the girl.

She'd already proved herself quite the dangerous person to be around, what with her little action back at the beach, and even without her weapon, which Aston now hoisted in her left hand, she was still someone she needed to watch. This proved quite difficult, because despite her protests, the boy carrying Marty didn't stop once. So her so-called master security plan against the multi-haired girl was reduced to "look over her shoulder every so often to check if she's got shifty eyes".

Still, at least she had another weapon, that was an infinite plus.

At last, long last, they stopped near a stream. Letting out a sigh of relief, Aston jogged towards the water and, dropping everything she carried on the bank behind her, dunked her head into the shallow water. Clenching her eyes shut (she didn't need to be blind this early in the game) she soaked her fraying hair in the stream for almost a minute.

One minute was up.

Lifting her head out of the water, she glanced at her belongings again. Still untouched. She shook her head a little bit dry, and walked back to her belongings. Piling everything into her bag, and throwing Marty's bag over her shoulder, she took it upon herself to try and spike her hair again. Ever since her wash at the stream a little while before she met these guys, it was falling apart. Aston ran her fingers through her hair and sought out solitary groups of curling hairs to clump together into a spike. As she noticed the boy laying his friend down, she tried to make one particular curl stick up.

After about five seconds, it fell to the wayside and, grunting in frustration, Aston gave up.

So then the questions started rolling from the rocker guy. What had happened to them to make them start to turn on the small boy in front of them?

Well, Aston was up, so she answered before the rest of them.

"Yeah, everyone freaked out a bit. Your friend there freaked out, then I just...got a little stressed and yeah, when I get stressed, I get angry, and I tend to get a bit excessive when I'm angry. I think I lost your friend's tent as well. And then..." Aston turned her head to Michelle, and her glare at her was almost like icy daggers ripping through a sheet "This girl decided to shut him up by knocking him out. I suppose you saw that bit, so I don't think I need to explain any more."

Sticking her tounge out of the side of her mouth just a bit, she looked around Joshua to the small short-haired boy laying on the tree trunk.

"I hope your friends okay. I don't think that hit over the head did him any good. He could probably have a concussion if we're lucky, or some brain damage. It's not like a cartoon or anything, he's not gonna brush this off easily. If we're not lucky..." Aston avoided the rocker's gaze for the next sentence "There's a chance he might not wake up at all."

Yes, she was being rather melodramatic, but she had to take a bit of charge here. She'd seen first hand the effects of such an assault on the head, though not on humans, so if she could just get a look at him...

"Do you mind...if I have a look at him? Just to check the extent of the bruising and damage and stuff?"
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