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(Imraan Al-Hariq continued from Your Cross to Bear)

The trek southward had been mostly peaceful. That was good. It allowed him to get his thoughts together, keep his cool. And of course Imraan was keeping his cool. He still had those crosses on his hands, didn't he?

He glanced down. Nope, he didn't. He was lying to himself again. The crosses must've washed off when he'd cleaned off his face and hands in the river this morning. But that was OK. Heck, everyone lied to themselves. He could admit it, he wasn't a hypocrite or anything. As long as he wasn't lying to himself about the important stuff. Like what he was doing. Who, WHAT he was looking for. And what he would do when he saw them.

I'll stop them. I was the center. I could've led GODSpeed, if I'd really wanted to. I am the rock. I'm the shepherd. I am the armor. And I will stop them.

He hadn't seen any trace of Maxwell Lombardi. That was OK. Maxwell had apparently killed Vera Osborne before he'd even come across Imraan's group at the cliffs yesterday. It had been a busy day for Maxwell Lombardi. But at least he hadn't killed anyone since then.

He will kill again, though. You know that. You saw him.

Unless he stopped Maxwell first, of course. Not that that was like likely. The island was huge, and the announcements left no doubt that there were plenty of wolves among the sheep. More wolves than he could have ever imagined possible. And names he could've never imagined. Ilario, Claire Lambert, Cisco Vasquez.

Our unluckiest of the pack this time was Daniel Kensrue, who took a shot to the face from Claire Lambert.

Claire had killed Dan Kensrue. And Jessie would have heard that.

Tenth to buy the farm was Edward Belmont, who invoked the wrath of god in the form of Rachel Gettys and took a rock to the head for his trouble.

And Rachel Gettys had killed Edward. How? HOW? How could a girl like Rachel, a girl he'd known FOR YEARS, let that happen? He had put his trust in her to lead GODSpeed. He had put his faith in her, defended her when people talked about her behind her back, knowing that she wasn't perfect and could be quick to judge, but thinking with all his heart that she was a good person. A faithful one. How could she let this happen?

He'd put his own faith in finding out, sooner or later.

Imraan had kept his distance from anyone he'd seen over the last day. There had been a couple students, alone or in small groups, but he hadn't approached them. None of them had been the people he was looking for, one way or the other. And while he didn't like leaving them to fend for themselves, right now he simply couldn't burden himself with them. The sheep could not go into battle against the wolves. Of course, if he'd seen Jessie, or even someone like JJ or Kaitlin or Mike, it would've been different, but for now he'd just hope that they wouldn't run into someone like Maxwell before he did, even if he knew that was unlikely.

Then, after another cold and uncomfortable night spent in the woods, he reached the southern cliffs and saw someone in the distance. Ivan Kuznetsov. Ivan Kuznetsov, who had not only killed someone, but who had been rewarded for it.


Imraan's reached into his memory bank and tried to remember what Danya had said about Ivan's kill, but the specifics weren't coming to him. It had been one kill, hadn't it? The very first day. And he'd been given... a prize or something.

Alright, so you've found one of them. Now what? You've got about five seconds to decide, Imraan.

Ivan was sitting with a girl, eating. He couldn't make out who the girl was just yet, but Ivan certainly didn't LOOK like he was about to kill her. Maybe they'd teamed up, or maybe she was a hostage of some sort.

Or maybe he wasn't a murderer after all. Maybe he'd defended himself.

You think they give out prizes for that, buddy?

Only one way to find out for sure. He steeled himself, and walked towards Ivan and the girl, keeping his concentration on them and not noticing the other figures arriving elsewhere in the area. He kept the shotgun in both hands, holding it at waist level. Not pointing it at them, but he would be ready to. There was no reason to try to sneak up on them, he wasn't exactly inconspicuous and there was nowhere here to hide anyway.

"Hey. It's Imraan, Imraan Al-Hariq."

The girl was Tabitha Gweneth, he now saw. She hadn't been one of the names read out, at least he thought she hadn't been.

"I'm not gonna shoot."

That line tasted bitter, like a lie. He felt sweat on his hands against the shotgun and hoped his hands weren't shaking. Then he stopped a short distance away from Ivan and Tabi, staring at the Russian.

"I wanna talk to you, Ivan."
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