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The crashing sound above her broke Carly's mood and concentration quite easily, and she turned around just in time to see a male figure tumbling down in her direction. What. The. Hell.


Sebastian Decartes. The asshole king of all assholes at Bayview Secondary. She'd totally forgotten that George had told he was on this island with them. For a second she wanted to turn and run in the direction she'd seen George. It would be safe. It would be the old "Scaredy-Cat Carly", probably exactly what Sebastian would expect. He'd expect her to just run off or cry or beg and FUCK THAT SHIT. This was "Kick Assholes in the Balls" Carly Jean Dooley. What was he going to do, give her a little girly slap like he'd done in school before prom? Ha! She could take that. She could take anything.

So instead she stepped forward and shoved at him.

"Ow? Ow? Fuck you, Sebastian Decartes. Why the hell did you even go on this trip? You get AWAY from me!"
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