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((R.J. Lowe continued from It Knows Nothing of Whim))

It was hours before R.J. and Mary-Ann came to a stop, and by that point, there was no farther to go. Nothing but ocean laid out in front of them.

Good a time as any to rest.

He dropped the two bags he'd been carrying. One was his own, one belonged to B100. Rekka Saionji. No one he knew, not that that made things any easier. Three people were dead because of his actions. Three people. Wait, no. No time to worry about that. The dead weren't coming back. Worry about keeping the living from following. Worry about Mary-Ann.

Deep breaths.




Okay. The bag. First thing was to sort through Rekka's supplies. Dispose of what wasn't needed. Consolidate what could be used. Clothes; too small, nothing he could use. Food; a bottle of water and a loaf of bread. Those would be needed. He took them. First aid kit; they had two already. If they suffered anything survivable, that would be enough. Leave it. Ammunition; two magazines. He removed a round from one to examine it. 7.65mm, by the look of it. That did him no good. The GP6 took 9mm rounds. Still, they weren't so cumbersome that he couldn't hold them, in case another, more compatible weapon presented itself. Once he had everything he needed, he hurled Rekka's bag, with all it still contained, over the edge of the cliff and into the sea below. He needed to be rid of it. The thing reeked with the smell of what he'd done, and he wanted it gone.

They weren't alone at that cliffside. Two other students, a boy and a girl, were resting there, same as them. For now, he'd leave them be. They weren't a threat to anyone right now. Keep an eye on them from a distance, but don't interfere. Just sit down, here. At the edge of this cliff.

Long way down, isn't it?
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