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(Ridley Landon, continued from Watch Your Step)

Even with a few good-- that's a bad choice of works; more like terrible-- hours of sleep, after the morning announcement, Ridley was far from being in a good mood. At the least, nobody else he knew had died the day before, but it was more of a cold comfort than anything else. The vague map they were provided with did not help matters, either. Nevertheless, he managed to lead the girls into the tunnels.

The deep, dark tunnels.

Ridley had always prided himself in having good vision in the dark, but that was only in places like his bedroom, where bits of light from the moon and stars were still able to stream through the blinds on his window. The darkness the trio had just stumbled into was darker than anything he had ever seen, apart from the light that came in through the entrance.

"Heh. Darker than black..." he whispered to himself with a smirk. "I'm just glad that we got here before too late in the day. You two alright?" He looked back at Raine and Rena. He had neglected to hold Raine's hand during the trip. He felt that if he were brought down to her pace, then they would have been caught in the early morning activities on the island. To him, it was a perfectly logical conclusion to come to regarding their travel time.

"We should rest once we find a good spot. Like, around the corner or something. That might be defensible, right?" He spoke as if he were discussing strategy in chess with them. As he rounded the corner to a place where light from the entrance could not reach, he whipped out his ipod and turned it on. The light from the music player illuminated the rocky walls just enough for allow him access further into the tunnel.
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