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((Marty J. Lovett and Joshua Krakowski continued from Life's a Beach))

Jesus... Who'd of thought finding a place to chillax would be so damn HARD?

Joshua Krakowski hadn't a clue just how long he'd been walking for with Marty slung over his back. It felt as if it had been three, four, or maybe even five hours since they'd left the beach. And as of yet, Joshua just couldn't find anywhere worthwhile to take five.

He'd been hoping that they'd come across a building of some description, like a shack or something. Somewhere with a roof over their heads and maybe even a nice bed to rest on. God knows how much Joshua missed sleeping in one of those... With some fluffy pillows, a comfy duvet, the works. He'd cut his own arm off for a soft bed right about now.

Well, no point moping about it... God, I wonder how the others are doing?

He turned back to observe the others to see how they were doing. Weary and tired from the look of it... Come to think of it, so was he. Roofed Shelter or not, they had to find a spot to kick back and relax before somebody dropped dead from exhaustion.

*Sigh* Damn. I guess we could just...... Hey wait, what's that noise? It sounds like... A stream, of some sort.

Sure enough, it was a stream of some sort. A long, thin stream which suddenly blocked their path. The would-be rocker was about to consider trying to find a way around it, or maybe even wading through it when he spotted a large willow tree further along. One which seemed to provide both ample cover and a temporary place of refuge... PERFECT!

Motioning the others to follow, Joshua quickly made his way over to the tall willow and laid his friend gently at it's base, making sure to not let his head fall back and slam against the tree or something stupid like that. It'd be incredibly annoying for him to have gone all this way only for Marty to then break his neck because he hadn't been careful enough. He seemed fine now... Still out cold, but fine nevertheless. The fact that he was actually still alive was enough to put a smile on Joshua at that moment. He'd done it! He'd actually done it! He'd found Marty, alive and... Well, unconscious. But after hearing about Daniel Vaughan's horrific death on the first announcement Joshua was more then glad to know that Marty hadn't met a similarly horrific fate.

Still, now THAT problem was taken care of, all he had to do now was find out why his friend had been hit over the head with a crowbar in the first place. There had to be SOME reason as to why that girl (Michelle or somethin'?) would have done such a thing. Chances are, they probably freaked him out or something. Marty always was a bit skittish, especially around girls. And with all the crazy crap going on with the collars and everything, it wouldn't of taken much to cause the poor guy to panic...

Anyway, better start asking some questions.

He stood up from where he'd laid Marty and turned to the others, scratching his head as he considered what to ask them.

"Hey, uh, sorry about freakin' out earlier. Its just I... Lost some good friends of mine the other day." He said, the memories of the announcement and the tragic events surrounding it returning briefly to haunt him. "So I was kinda worried when I saw Marty get hit over the head and everything... What exactly happened back there anyway?"
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