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Out of the darkness, a single, solitary index finger placed itself over Mary-Ann's lips. R.J. could hear what she was playing at, and he'd have none of it. Not here, at least. Carefully, he guided her away from the sound of the footsteps, back to where their belongings were. As quickly as he could manage, he knelt down, proceeding to rifle through the nearest bag for a flashlight.

Moments later, the darkness was finally broken, and what the light revealed was a young man and woman, terror adorning both their faces. If not for the imminent threat posed by the now-silent footsteps, he'd breathe a sigh of relief for her safety. As it was, however, he'd need to save it for later. First concern: replenish their supplies. They were both running low on food, so if their attacker had any left, it would prove invaluable to their survival. He turned the light back towards the body... oh dear God. The body. What had once been another student was no more than a twisted wreckage of flesh and bone, floating in a sea of red. His chest had been visibly caved in, his face... he couldn't make out his face from this angle, but he was afraid to look. Afraid to find out he'd killed someone he knew. As he angled around toward the corpse's bag, he got a better look, only to learn there was no way he'd know until tomorrow morning. His face.

Son of a bitch, where was his face?!

R.J. averted his eyes, but it didn't stop him from vomiting. Water, blood, and stomach acid shot from his mouth to the cave floor as he gasped for breath. He'd done this. He'd so viciously destroyed a life that it was unrecognizable as what it had once been. He'd done this, without any semblance of mercy, sympathy or compassion. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.

Dwell on that later. Just grab his bag and run. Run as far from the sins of your hand as your legs will take you. You may not escape them, but Mary-Ann is still innocent. For her sake, grab everything you can and run. Never let her stray from your sight. Run. Run.

And run they did.

((R.J. Lowe and Mary-Ann Warren continued in Keep Yourself Alive))
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