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your mom wanted to make sure that her clothes didn’t steal the spotlight from her new haircut so she went with this feather fringed semi-transparent catsuit w/modesty pleather panels in a simple, understated black.
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((Feo Eleri Smith continued from What Are Little Girls Made Of?))

More walking, more announcements, more of the same. Feo was glad no one was out for their blood at the moment, but she was kind of bored.

Which was dumb, dumb, dumb.

They went to the ranger station. From here, it looked fairly empty, which was what you wanted here. And there was a rusty blcycle, which could be useful for something.

Oh yeah, a weapon. Wood's good, metal is better.

She glanced at Ethan while he used his inhaler. That could be a problem later, she wouldn't comment on it though.

"Yeah, it looks nice and cozy."

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