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Quince still felt the blood pounding in his chest. It was just like boxing, the rush he felt from the action. He controlled his breathing, willing himself to keep calm, but it was difficult. He’d probably killed a guy, fought another, and stood up to a third who had a gun, while he was only armed with a golf club. Now, all that was over, but he had an attractive girl clinging to him, sobbing into his chest.

As Tiffany looked up at him, tears running down her face, she looked so cute. Part of him wanted to just kiss her there and then, release all the nervous energy that had been built up in anticipation of taking out Bill. But part of him felt guilty about leaving her in the first place.

“Sorry, just had to go deal with something. I ran into some trouble, had to take a couple of guys down. Got the club, came back, and you know the rest” She felt so good next to him, feeling the warmth of her body pressed against him. He could just take her now. “It won’t happen again.”
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