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(Carly Jean Dooley continued from Late Dawns and Early Sunsets)

"To wrap things up, Lucas Lupradio boarded the boat to failville after..."

Carly breathed out, relieved. Another day was over and done with (and just HOW many kids were out here, anyway?) and she was still alive. And from those announcements, so was George. Good. She wasn't going to let him die without finding him and reattaching herself to him. Not that she wasn't doing OK with Jasper, but she at least wanted to SEE George again, whatever happened.

She'd left Jasper back at the campsite they'd made after taking off from Jimmy, wanting to get at least SOME alone time before they decided whatever the hell they were going to do today. Of course, she still got that shaking feeling in her knees when she was out of his sight, and his gun, but damnit Carly Jean Dooley, you are NOT going to go back to that quivering little wreck you were and you need to prove to yourself that you are STRONG! Right? Right! Wasn't she still feeling strangely giddy from having kicked that asshole Jimmy Brennan in the balls last night? She was! And if he came back she'd just... kick him in the balls again! Carly Jean Dooley doesn't fear, because her power of KICKING ASSHOLES IN THE BALLS was here!

"You hear that Jimmy Brennan! Come back and I'll kick you in the balls again!"

Carly broke out into laughter. Oh gawd. Was she cracking up here? Well, whatever. Who cared whether you cracked up a little when you were on an island and ordered to kill all the people you went to school with, huh? HUH? That question just made her laugh harder, and she actually had to stop walking for a moment to get herself under control. Oh gawd again. If only the girls back home could see her now.

Of course, they could see her now, couldn't they? Carly looked out at the rising sun, wondering. Hey, maybe Alice and Jooli and Elaine were all back home, rooting for her to win. That'd be like them, actually. Alice would coordinate SOTF-watching parties and keep everyone's spirits up.

"You girls watching? You're a bunch of lucky skanks, you know? I should've stayed back a year!" She chuckled one more time and shook her head.

Actually, now that she looked at it, the sun out here was pretty nice to look at after all. She'd have to tell Jasper that when she got back to him. She should probably go soon anyway, she'd climbed all the way to the top of this hillside to look around but there was no sign of George out here.

Her stomach rumbled, and Carly realized that she hadn't eaten anything yet today. Ugh. Her mood faded again. Did she want some stupid crackers or some crusty bread for her breakfast? Big choice. Breakfast was supposed to be GOOD stuff, like milk and cereal or sometimes pancakes, even if they were the crappy frozen ones when it was a school day and you obviously weren't going to cook anything in the morning. Pancakes and syrup, and butter. If she'd had some butter maybe even this bread would taste better, but did she? Noooooooo.

Screw the bread, she'd have the crackers today.

She reached into her bag and grabbed for the tin, only to feel something else. The hell? She pulled it out.

Oh, that stupid vase. She'd totally forgotten that she'd been lugging it around all this time. Why had she kept it, anyway? She supposed she thought at first it might have some significance, but what the hell could a vase have to do with this terrorist thing? She knew that people got goofy weapons like plastic forks and stuff, but a vase was a pretty stupid idea of a joke if you asked her. Maybe they'd just run out of stuff to give to students and were grabbing things of Danya's living room or something. Well, whatever. She dropped the vase on the ground and settled in to her meal of crackers, telling herself that they were actually tiny delicious pancakes.

When she'd finished, she stood up and looked down the hillside again. More trees, more stumps, still nothing else interesting. About time she got back to Jasper, she guessed.

Then, as Carly bent over to pick up her bag, a flash of movement at the bottom of the hill caught her eye. She turned, not expecting much. OK, it was just some guy, it was--

"Hey! HEEEEEYYY! GEORGE! It's Carly! I'm up here!"

Carly did a series of little jumps and waved her arms, a real smile breaking out on her face. It WAS George again, and this time she wouldn't let the dummy get away from her. All she had to do was wait until he made his way around and up to where she was, and everything would be just fine.
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