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Eiko frowned as she looked over at the spot where Bradley had vanished into the distance. She hadn't responded at all to being insulted in such a crude fashion. Maybe she was used to it. Maybe she didn't want to stick around and confront Eiko, counting her blessings that she got away with being an accessory to murder.

Didn't matter. Odds are she would get hers before the week was through.

She turned around to check up on Peter, only to discover that he'd been laughing that whole time. She didn't quite know what to think about this. Did he actually enjoy it? She'd heard of lurid tales, of people getting a rush out of their first murder, instead of the normal feeling of revulsion and nausea. If that happened to Peter, if his murder of Lucas had made him realize a darker part of himself, then everything changed. She wasn't safe with him anymore, quite the opposite. Now that he had Lucas's gun and his sword, and she had nothing, she was more vulnerable than ever.

But now he stopped. Eiko decided to approach him as he looked over his kill. The laughter from earlier must have been a slip, because he busied himself with paying respect to the body. He closed its eyes, he muttered a silent prayer, he put the body in a peaceful position. Only then did he look over to Lucas's dropped gun and pick it up. As he did everything, Eiko respectfully stood fifteen feet away, waiting for him to finish up so that they could leave the body before it started to rot. Already she thought she could smell something putrid in the air, wrinkling her nose in response.

Then Peter got up, looking thoroughly disgusted with himself. Eiko couldn't bring herself to feel the same way; he had just saved her life, after all, and she would have to repay him for it somehow. A stray thought made her grateful he wasn't interested in women. Not that he was the sort of guy to ask otherwise. He took a metal bottle out of his pocket and called for Eiko to follow him, walking off into the distance.

She was about to follow him when she noticed that the dead boy's daypack sat on his back, completely unmolested. Peter hadn't even touched it. Eiko frowned, once again finding her opinion of Peter shifting. She had no objection to respecting the dead, but they were playing for life or death stakes. The two of them would need every advantage they could get.

She checked to make sure that Peter wasn't looking, then reached down and unzipped his pack, finding a modest amount of food and drink in it. She transferred it over to her pack as quickly as possible, then shifted her gaze to the odd polearm attached to it. She vaguely recognized it as some sort of Japanese weapon, but it didn't look as lethal as, say, a tetsubou or katana.

Despite this, she unfastened it from his pack and put his body back roughly the way it was. With a quick nod to this boy, whoever he was, she finished her business and ran off after Peter, her new prize in tow.

((Eiko Haraguchi continued in March to Your Death))

((End of Thread))
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