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His fists and feet flew through the air without a purpose; his amazing lack of vision now that he was both missing an eye and laying in pitch darkness overcame any night vision he may have once boasted.

In his state of mind, he could not hear his nemisis's footsteps slowly approach.

He could not see his enemy's form as it loomed in the inky black backdrop that the world had set for him; nor the pistol that was pointed directly at his head. The cause of all of this.

However by some absolute miracle, some particle of light from somewhere in the cavern glinted off of the shining black metal of the gun that R.J. held, and directly into the one good eye he had left. It was almost as if some power was showing him the way. It was as if he was being handed the weapon!

So he rolled forward, throwing his weight over his legs as he launched for the gun as it lowered; fingertips brushing the cold steel. And with a loud thud, he planted directly into the unforgiving earth. First his stomach, then the rest of his body. And as soon as his fresh wound met fresh dirt, another shout of sheer pain fired from his mouth. Pure fire crept up his leg and through his entire body, and on an instinct he rolled to his back, lurching the knee towards his chin and cradled it. Gingerly a finger flittered over the wound; and a horrific discovery was made. The bullethole had gone clean through the bone and sinew, exiting the other side. Hot tears streamed down his cheeks from the pain that exuded from his damaged limb.

However the tears were brought on anew as he felt a massive pressure contact his chest, a sickening crack echoing loudly through the cavern. He was ricocheted onto his back, his head bouncing off of the earth as his sternum cracked from the force of his assailant's boot stomping down atop of him. Blood welled in the back of his throat as he attempted to scream, instead nothing but a gurgle and a hiss making it's way from his punctured lungs.

It was truly ironic. In an attempt to kill the one mute student that Bayview had to offer, he himself would spend his final moments unable to say a single word. He would not have his opportunity to make peace, die with a witty one liner, speak his condolences or beg for forgiveness. No, he would go out of this world with a silent whimper; or a silent blub more likely. He began to gasp for air, bringing only blood back into his lungs and out into the rest of his body where it did not belong. However as with every injury before, this became the least of his worries quite quickly as one of the final remaining senses that he still held un-damaged was quickly filled with the taste of leather. And then the taste of pain, if it were to have one. If anything, it tasted alot like blood.

The steel toed boot smashed repeatedly into his face, with each contact another tooth or jaw breaking under the extreme, repeated pressure. A sputter or a cough, some kind of noise reflexively was made with each strike, blood mixing with tears as his entire skull began to cave.




Everything had gone black, yet there was respite from the repeated blows to his skull. He couldn't breathe in, he couldn't breathe out. However, he still could think, and with this moment he tried to remember where he went wrong. In spite of the pain that racked every nerve ending in his body, he still had the state of mind to at least assume that had been his death.



Long before R.J. Lowe had completed his viscous assault, Rekka Saionji had lost what little life he clung to. There were no final words, no final thoughts, just silence.

Rekka had always thought that death would be accompanied by the singing of angels, a bright light, something.

Never did he think that all that death would truly be was a sheer, oppresive black.

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