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Mizore saw Zach sneer, and thought grimly--he thinks I just called him a coward. Does he ever listen?

He went on. "Foolish? I just call it dumb. Even if you were big enough to go killing people that you know, you'll find a target the size of a tire painted on your back. I mean jesus, it's common sense. The fat fuck goes on and on about each death every day so someone's got to be eating up every word he spews. Some asshole's probably got a blackboard and some chalk, making complicated equations about each murderer, thinking that's how they're going to live when it's all about not being stupid."

You think they're stupid. Also, dumb. In other words, foolish. Which is what I was saying. If you didn't yap so much, I'd say you were deaf.

But she couldn't be too snappy at Zach now. The rocks around her were ghostly in the moonlight, spattered, gleaming red. Beautiful.

"What, are you glad that I'm not playing because you like me? Or glad because I won't try to knock you off?"

Zach's voice knocked her back to reality--he didn't stop talking--and yes, now she was snappish for real. Nothing to do with him, poor boy, other than the fact that he was talking. But because she had just spotted the loudspeaker, glinting darkly in the corner of the cave, and realized that announcements were coming soon.

Not Raidon, not Raidon, not Raidon, not Raidon…

And bam, like that, she was cold again. And this puddle she had her feet in on the bottom of the cavern was slick with streaks of algae.

And Zach was clicking his tongue, waiting for an answer.

And she snapped at him.

"Because I like you? You're fishing for compliments now? I thought you didn't care what people thought of you, Zach Jamis." She laughed, and put her head back. She should really get her sleep schedule back on her track; she didn't like the darkness that was in her now. "Isn't the fact that you're not killing me good enough? I'm not ready to die yet."

Pah. And she was supposed to be ready to die. She was cracking like an egg. Little spidery cracks. All because of Raidon. Stupid Raidon.

Yeah, it would be easier if she just liked Zach Jamis. Fell right smack in love with him. At least he shared her views on playing. She could live with him for her last days of island life. In peace, because it was foolish to go to war.

Foolish to fight. Nothing left fighting for.

And that, that made her bitter.

Mizore, pacifist to the core, had always had something to fight, or fight for. A piece, a cause, a counter-protest, a personal demon, an ugly world. But now, here in this cave, her feet doused in algae water, spraypaint used, she felt empty.

Danya had won. There was nothing left to fight for anymore.

Alice Boucher was a liar.
Liz Polanski played with fire.

And who the hell is Radio Asuka?
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