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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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[[Dustin Royal continued from The Moon Is Laughing At You having been kidnapped by me FOREVVVERRR ...I'm babysitting. >:3

...Please excuse any and all possible egregious breaks from character.]]

Well, fuck.

Lots of walking. Lots and lots of walking alone around goddamn Survival of the Fittest isle. Dustin wasn't sure if he could really be upset about that. Being around people had really not gotten him shit so far. Well, yeah, it had gotten him drama and it had gotten him yelled at and it had gotten him seeing a dead body. And it had almost gotten him laid but he was never ever going to think of that ever again, ever.

Bad enough that the whole world knows. Least I’ll never have to hear-

No, he was not going to go there. Fuck if this today wasn’t shitty enough without lingering on that whole death thing. Right now he was just going to walk and play guitar in peace and god help anyone who tried to fuck with him right now.

So that’s exactly what he did. He walked, and he played guitar, and he sang. And by some miracle, through the work of some sympathetic Casanova-god, he encountered exactly no one. Not a fucking soul. It was like there’s been some announcement he’d missed, by the way, everyone, this is where Dustin Royal is going to be, kindly move the fuck out of his way unless you enjoy stab wounds to the face.

But no, announcements were impossible to miss, much as Dustin wished he could ignore them, He kept walking. No direction in mind, he just walked. Presumably there would be something, somewhere, some decently attractive female he could try his luck with. Or just a place to stay the night. He’d be grateful for that, too.

He didn’t get his wish. Not until way too late, anyway. It was past dark, way past dark, and he’d wandered for hours in the dark and in a silence that would have been eerie had his guitar not pierced it when he finally came across something that sort of resembled shelter. He’d basically stumbled upon it- no, he’d literally stumbled upon it, tripping on a damn bush and cursing like a madman only to find himself inside a fucking cave or some shit. Considering that the only other place he’d found since leaving town was the mansion- which, as some sort of punishment for god-knew-what, was currently a danger zone- and that being in a hidden cave thing seemed like a better idea than sleeping in a field with shit-all for cover.

Dustin went inside. It was dark as fuck. All things considered he fell asleep far too quickly.



Well, fuck.

Mostly he was just pissed off at having been woken up. Dustin really, really didn’t want to hear the announcements. He caught that there were twenty-three more dead kids and then he blocked it out, chewing on some bread from his pack. The killers aren’t going to bother pretending they’re fucking normal at this point, he thought. Knowing their names isn’t going to do shit if they come out shooting. And since everyone else is listening to the announcements, they’ll probably all just assume they’re not safe...

Besides, listening to the announcements doesn’t always work, eh?

He went back to his guitar. The announcement let the mansion go as a danger zone, opened it back up as a possibility, but he stayed put for now. It was oddly...comfortable in his shady cave. A bit of light snuck in, making the place not completely creepy as shit, but the covering of the foliage made this a damn good place to hide. The mansion on the other hand would probably be full in a couple of hours.

Better to lie low, ri-



Dustin practically fell over, or rather he would have had he been standing. A gunshot, that’s all it could be unless there was some bear or some shit living in this tunnel. Whose roar sounded exactly like a gunshot. Yeah, it was definitely a gunshot. A bear would have been worse anyshut up Dustin you have more important things to worry about!

A gunfight. He wanted no part in this, never bring a sword to a gunfight and all that. The way the bang echoed told him that it was coming from deeper in the tunnel but then why the fuck wasn’t he leaving? Paralysis by fear. Pure frozen panic, maybe. But he didn’t move.

Dustin heard screams and crunching sounds and moans he never wanted to hear again well maybe the moans but in a different context WHAT THE FUCK DUSTIN PEOPLE ARE SHOOTING EACH OTHER but still. He didn’t move.

Maybe if he was really quiet they would go away.

This was a stupid fucking plan and he knew it, but hell if he was gonna move now.
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