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Carly had only the vaguest idea of who Isaiah Garvey was, but whatever. At this point in the game, she found herself caring less and less about who her classmates had been before this whole thing started. It was a weird feeling, but not one she entirely disliked. After all, it was probably helping her to stay alive, wasn't it? She would never have wanted to hang out with some weirdo like Jasper before.

Jasper's statement that another person was nearby suddenly disrupted her thought process, and she scanned the area where he was aiming his flashlight at, feeling jittery and unprotected. The other person or thing didn't answer, but she did hear something in that direction.

"Uhh, Jasper, maybe we should just find somewhere else to camp?"

More movement. Whatever the sound was, it wasn't just going to show itself. Carly was about to repeat her suggestion to Jasper when a sudden realization struck her. What if it was George, maybe hurt? Or... what if it was even someone else who'd been hurt?

Uh, leave them?

Yes, just leave them, she couldn't worry about someone else, let Jasper or the Isaiah guy check it out. Just... like the pathetic scaredy-cat she was. Carly tightened her grip on her bag. But... what if it WAS George?

That tore it. "Hold on a sec."

She thrust her hand into her bag and came out with her own flashlight, berating herself for not having it out earlier. Then Carly took a few tentative steps towards where the sound had came from last, flipped the switch and illuminated Jimmy Brennan a couple feet away from her. She uttered a high, short scream, mostly from the surprise, and then all her concern melted away and turned to disdain.

It was fucking Jimmy Brennan.

Fucking Jimmy Brennan. What the hell was he doing here? He was the one who'd ran into her in the first day; it was HIS fault that she'd spent the next while in such a blind panic! And now what? Was he trying to sneak up on them? When Isaiah had come along, he'd walked straight up to them, and let them know who he was. Had Jimmy done that? No, he'd been hiding out in the shadows, like the little worm that he was. Screw that. Screw him.


All her prior thoughts about preconceptions were gone for now. Carly took a step forward and unleashed a kick right between Jimmy's legs. That'd show Jimmy Brennan that she wasn't afraid anymore.

Then she turned, picking out Jasper's flashlight beam and jogging towards him. "It's Jimmy Brennan," she said. "Jimmy, he like attacked me on the first day, OK? I had to- I had to hit him."

She looked back at Jimmy, hoping he wouldn't be up quite yet. "So I really think we should get somewhere else to camp tonight, and uh, we should go now, sorry. C'mon, let's go!"

With that, she took off, hoping to gain as much distance from Jimmy Brennan as possible. Thank god for the night.

(Carly Jean Dooley concluded elsewhere)

[Had permission from Little to kick Jimmy in the balls :P]

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