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Jacob's voice was hoarse, foreign to him. He didn't realize they didn't know he was awake, and he'd probably scared them a bit. Yeah, just a bit. No matter the fact that he'd probably scared them shitless with his attempt at suicide...how long ago was it?

Colin fumbled, and he got his bottle of water. Finally, refreshment.

He downed it in large, loud gulps, not really caring at that point whether he choked or not. It's not like it would kill him.

And then, the conversation started. These people were no longer just random civilians to his own little worries, he had two probably still stressed and freaked out boys to answer to.

They'd...they saved him. He was in their debt now, he realised that. They'd saved him twice, actually, and owed him a lot more than what he thought at first. They stopped him from killing himself, they...glancing down his figure, he spotted his torn open jeans leg, afresh with a new bandage. He felt the metal slug still in his leg, and something stopped him from asking why they didn't take it out. It was just freaking rude to do that to your saviors.

"...yeah, it's...its okay. Thanks." Jacob replied to Tim's question. It was just like he'd been given a whole new slate to work with, with nothing to his name. Was he going to have to take their food as well?

The little hook in his skin that kept tugging at him, to never forget her, started to relax. Colin knew, he couldn't not know now. He'd lent his apologies to him, just like a normal person. It still egged at the back of his mind that there was something that Colin was hiding. He didn't expect Colin to wear a name tag that read "COLIN FALCONE - KILLER", but...

...why was he thinking like some vigilante who wanted to persecute the wrong? This wasn't him. He wasn't supposed to think like this. Jacob Charles wasn't supposed to be in this situation, none of them were. It was stupid to think like that as well, vehemently denying all the truths that were shoved in front of him.

What was so wrong with him that he couldn't just cope like a normal person?

Colin against spoke, as did Tim. His leg, the one they'd worked on over the night. Was it hurting? Jacob rubbed his tongue against his left canine tooth, and leaned forward to touch the bandage. Not much pain, really, it still hurt, but he supposed he was lucky that he wasn't bleeding like a freaking madman. How did Schwarzenegger make it look so easy to walk around riddled with metal like he did?

"I'm okay, I think. It's...it's hurting, but it's not...I think I can walk on it, I suppose."

Jacob wasn't really sure whether he wanted to try and walk. Shaking his head just a little bit, he pulled his legs in closer, and tried to get up.

A little stumble as his feet moved themselves from the sleeping bag to the unfamiliar texture of the sand. A stumble more as his leg twanged with a sting, and then...balance.

He could walk, and he was ready for the island now.

But...instead of moving on his feet anymore, he turned around to the two boys sitting at the fire, and got down in a sitting position again.

Eating some humble pie was good just about now.

"I'm...I'm sorry guys. I just...Paige...she was everything I had. When I woke up here, I dunno how long ago now, but...I promised I would find her. I searched, and I searched, and then...she was there, she was right there. We were...I promised her that...we'd get off of here, we'd find our friends, we'd get..." Jacob slipped his fingers into his pocket, and pulled out the ring he'd been given on the small runner's deathbed "We'd get married. I got this, right before the trip. We were gonna get married, we'd leave Bayview, our friends, our families, and we'd...we'd be together forever."

Why are you telling them this? Do they care? What's the point in thinking about the past?

"And then...Rob Jenkins. She...I think she was so tired, so...she got angry. She used to tell me stuff about him, and then, she...I don't think she knew he had a gun. She...she called him a Nazi, and then...and..." Jacob trembled before he could continue. Instead of looking them in the eye any more, he hung his head between his knees.

"I should have stopped her. If I'd just grabbed her, stopped her from yelling, she'd be alive."
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