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Alex looked at Ben with a blank expression. He was holding in various impulses to tell the kid to stop being such a prick, but under the circumstances it was understandable why he was a bit uptight. Yeah, it did probably make sense to drop the chainsaw. He was more or less unarmed either way, because the giant power tool was really no use as a weapon to pull out very quickly. For the time being, Alex would have to defend himself hand-to-hand.

Well, it wasn't like he hadn't been doing that for most of his life. His fists weren't made of steel, and he couldn't profess to be any kind of martial artist, but when it came to physical confrontations he was very rarely matched. Firearms were really the concern at this point.

Before he could respond, Ben took off. Feeling a bit groggy, Alex unclipped the chainsaw from his daypack and held it in front of him, almost as if it were something dirty that needed to be disposed of. Really, Alex didn't want to be responsible for arming anyone else who managed to stroll by and notice the chainsaw. Alex looked around the forest. The trees were fairly dense, and he could only just barely see Ben Powell from this distance.

Weaponless... The idea didn't sit well with him. If only he had a knife, or a bat, or even just a big, sharp stick. There had to be something around...

Suddenly, a thought clicked into Alex's mind. He was holding a chainsaw, used for cutting wood apart. There was a roll of hockey tape in his daypack: Alex had left it in his bag one night after hockey, and forgot to empty it out when he used the bag on the senior trip. It could be some form of makeshift grip.

Wasting no time, Alex revved the chainsaw once more and looked for the nearest appropriately sized tree. There was a smaller one - only a few years old, he guessed. Swiftly he cut the top of the tree off, where it fell and suspended itself upon a gathering of nearby trees. He then took a four-foot section out of the tree, where it fell idly to the ground. The chainsaw sputtered and churned out smoke - it was going to attract attention, and Alex had to move quickly. The saw seemed to be able to shave off a small section of the tree where Alex was going to tape the handle. It was messy and sharp, but Alex didn't really have the time to be a perfectionist. As soon as there was a considerable dent in the bottom end of the log. It was satisfying somewhat, but Alex's MacGuyver moment was quickly shattered by the sudden death of the chainsaw motor. Without a second thought, he tossed the saw blade-first onto a nearby rock, picked up the sawed-down log, and started walking in the same direction as Ben.

As he taped the end of the stick, Alex could only reflect on the ridiculousness of his situation. He was taping a handle onto a makeshift wooden club, while following a boy who he didn't even know he could trust, on an island covered in armed, sleep-deprived and psychotic high school students.


((Alex Rasputin continued elsewhere))
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