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N-Nopony! Ah was talkin' to nopony whatsoever!
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Just as soon as he had the impulse to level the gun at where the boy was, the figure was gone.

And in an instant, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach, and he was falling. His mouth fell agape as a bit of spittle shot forward in the initial blow, a sharp, gutteral, howl of pain jerked from his lungs as the shoulder hitting him in the gut knocked the wind out of him.

And even with his better than average night vision; without some frame of reference, he was essentially blind. He could not see a single bit of his foe as he felt something hit him in the eye, pressing back hard as the small orb became misshapen behind the sheer force of R.J.'s elbow. There was a sickening pop that was only audible to Rekka as some of the viscous fluid contained within the instrument of his sight leaked alongside the tears.

He swung back blindly, his fist swinging pointlessly through the air, met quickly by a fist to the side. He yelped out helplessly in pain as he retaliated, kneeing up and swinging his other fist, it finally meeting the jaw of his once victim. A soft 'ptoo' echoed through the tunnels as he felt a firm stinging sensation burn over his forehead. For every action was an equal but opposite reaction, and the reaction of this was a tooth directly into that eye that he had suffered such a blow to not moments before.

He rolled, pressing his opponent underneath of them and throwing blow after blow; some hitting, some not, some still punching into the hard, stony earth on which they were situated. For every blow he landed, he felt a similar one on his body. A sharp pain shot through his side as that rib cracked, blood dripping from his lips onto the body of R.J. Lowe.

"You think you got what it takes to-"

And suddenly he was being unceremoniously dropped face first onto the dirt, a heaving 'oof' echoing through the tunnels as the air was yet again forced from his lungs. A quick spin, and while gritting his teeth against the pain shooting through every fiber of his being, he looked up, seeing absolutely nothing but pitch black.

Time seemed to almost slow. A soft clack of metal touching stone. A click, of a fingernail touching the trigger.


A pain even more intense than his ruined eye shot through his leg and straight through the entirety of the right side of his body; momentarily making him forget about the rest of the pain he had endured. His kneecap burned with a fire that he had never felt before in his life, and a loud, almost girlish scream shot from his lungs as he found himself incapable of drawing breath; just from the sheer pain of the ordeal. However within the span of a moment all three of the pains equalized themselves into some sort of cocktail of absolute agony.

"AAGH YOU BITCH!" Was his first retort. With a hurculean effort he swung a foot at where he presumed his attacker to be, unable to see a single thing. "WHY DON'T YOU JUST DIE ALREADY?!" The foot swung, making a soft whiffing sound through the air not two inches from R.J.'s face.

A cough escaped his lungs as that cracked rip scraped on something that was probably important. The pain in his side flared up; hard as his own body's weakness tossed him to the ground, his muscles going limp in shock. "GET DOWN HERE SO I CAN FUCKING KILL YOU!" The clasps on his suspenders rattled softly with metalic clinks as he attempted to flail his way towards his foe, absolutely blind and devoid of any sense whatsoever over the blaring feeling of sheer pain through his entire body.
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